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And Then There Was One? Already???

Holyfreakinshirt!  What a couple of weeks. Nobody saw the events coming, except those in the middle of the fustercluck that is forming around the 2020 elections, impeachment, and the winnowing of the candidates. And, yes…I’m going to go out on … Continue reading

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The Enemy Is the DNC, The Media, and the Process – Debate and Poll Mayhem

Yes. I endured watching last night’s debate. And of course, my takeaway is far different than what is being portrayed in the Media from almost all sources. The desperation for relevance, by almost all of the “front-runners” and a handful … Continue reading

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Schooled By a Mom and a Grandpa…

OK. As most of you know, I can “fly off of the handle” when my “Rhetoric BS Bucket” is filled to overflowing. The news of the DNC and their clear, unadulterated, manipulation of the primaries set me off. Big time. … Continue reading

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