Thanks To The Anti-Vax Morons…

OK. I’m going off of the rails here with a rant about any of you who are eligible for a vaccination, but have chosen to wait, or not be vaccinated.

You. Are. A. Moron.

Oregon is now approaching the worst numbers for new cases in the nation. And while I appreciate your choice to be stupid (that’s what being an American and Oregonian is all about), you are destroying any chance for a recovery in a State that relies on tourism, and normal unrestricted attendance at restaurants, sports, and recreation including countless activities that makes our state unique.

I have been patient. I have followed the rules. I wear my mask in public. I got vaccinated. But, I am a victim of your selfish, lazy, “entitled” behavior.  Numbers suck. Facts suck. And I am extremely pissed that we are once again facing a “kinda summer,” when we knew better.

As of today, we are facing “extreme risk” designations.  The result would be harmful in countless ways.  It’s your fault. And frankly, I am going to suggest some extreme measures.

I get it. Before the vaccination was readily available, the idea of large gatherings was unthinkable. Our hospitals aren’t equipped (still?) for a huge onslaught of ICU beds being taken up with a surge in Covid cases.

While some would say that we are ill-prepared for major medical emergencies, with just a few over 600 ICU beds in the entire state, the thought of those beds being filled NEEDLESSLY is beyond frustrating.

Let me be clear.  I do NOT agree with the metrics used by our Governor, regarding the setting of standards for risk designation.  “Extreme risk,” is not only a harbinger of new cases predicted, but a guarantee that tens of thousands of Oregonians will lose their livelihoods as a result of the shutdowns.

With a population of over 4 Million, 300 Covid hospitalizations statewide as a measurement of “extreme” seems…well…extreme!  There are more than 6,000 medically staffed beds in Oregon, but only a little more than 10% of these are designated as ICU. So yes…I get it. But damn…


We have been at this for almost 14 months!  What is it going to take for us to take this seriously and actually understand that wearing a mask, and getting vaccinated is not about you…it’s about the billions in revenue, lives disrupted by school closures, jobs losses, and a yo-yo history of risk classifications that is hurting others???

Blame it on the Governor?  No. Blame yourselves.

The recent uptick is driven by those in the 50-64 age range, followed closely by 35-49.  Yes…there were initial delays in vaccinations…but they have been available to this age group for weeks.

So, what is the hold up? What will it take? What kind of extreme measures do we need to keep from surge after surge, with something that is almost entirely preventable?

What I suggest are two very extreme solutions.  I offer them with my tongue barely in cheek.

1. Allow Oregonians to participate in outdoor sporting events, schools, restaurants, outdoor gatherings such as concerts, and celebration gatherings ONLY IF THEY CAN SHOW VALID PROOF OF VACCINATION. And even then, keep the participation levels to include social distancing.

2. After July 1st, stop counting those who are being hospitalized with Covid, if they have refused vaccination, or otherwise “made the choice” to put themselves at risk. Give the beds to those with other emergencies. Those who have “made their beds by choosing to risk Covid,” should not get beds that can be earmarked for the countless other health emergencies that come with “regular life.”

Call me heartless.  But, dammitallanyway…ENOUGH!

Stop bitching about wearing a mask.  Stop screaming that your rights are being taken away.  YOU are deciding to take the chance. You should suffer the consequences.  Let the REST of us have the kind of life we have earned by doing the right thing.

I could write countless anecdotal stories of lost income, businesses, jobs, and decimated lives since we became aware of the seriousness of this Pandemic. But, I would guess that there isn’t a singe reader who doesn’t know a story of someone they know, or someone in their own families who has been affected.

The numbers of businesses lost in our state are stupefying and sad.  Every business shut down, represents not only the loss of life savings and hard work, but also the the livelihoods of the owners and staff.  For every business lost, is another story of individuals and families who have been cast out of their sources of income, and must find ways to “start over,” all because we can’t seem to understand that to win this war, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK.

This is a true crisis, and the numbers shown in the article above likely don’t represent a fraction of the businesses and people devastated by more than 16 months of ramifications from this pandemic.

I have been blessed by being able to golf during the pandemic. It is an “approved” outdoor activity.  The Golf industry has seen a huge uptick in rounds played, and new memberships to country clubs. Good? Yes. Mostly.

But, as a member of a country club, I hear more excuses, and complaints about Covid restrictions (as they tee up their balls to walk the park-like beauty of the club), than I can hardly stand.  And, this weekend, my wife and I tuned into the final round of the Zurich Classic, only to be appalled at what we saw.  The warning on their main web site sounds very responsible.  The actual actions of the gallery, and the management of the tournament, apparently less-so. Mandatory Masks? Not so much.

Hole after hole, the huge gallery following the final round, was pictured, shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, screaming “In the Hole!” And when we looked closely, there were only a small handful (less than 10 out of hundreds), who were wearing masks.

Entitled MORONS!

I’ve heard all of the excuses. The most common is that Covid often infects people with mild, or almost no symptoms. “It’s just like the flu.” But long-hauler syndrome is real. I know at least four friends who had almost no symptoms, but months later, developed heart or circulatory conditions.  So, don’t bother quoting percentages to me.  It doesn’t hold water when it touches you personally.

A true measurable metric of the ramifications of the shut down has become evident with the “Emergency Food Boxes” that our Rotary club assembles and distributes. Each week, the numbers grew. And each week, I watched the addresses move from areas of our city that were clearly lower income, into zip codes that include houses in the more affluent neighborhoods, with house prices exceeding $400k-$500k.

My neighborhood.  My neighbors.  People who have found themselves smacked hard by the realities of lost income. Because people refuse to follow the rules, and livelihoods are being decimated.

I’m burned out, just like all of you.  We have had to delay memorial services, family get-togethers, and have lost the chance to see our grandkids play sports, or attend their graduation ceremonies.  But, that is nothing compared to countless people who have lost jobs, lost businesses, or otherwise lost life-savings and homes because their places of business have been destroyed by the shutdowns.

It’s time to start rewarding those who follow the rules, and penalizing those who don’t. More on that in another post.

Stop.  Just stop being a selfish assclown.  You aren’t proving a thing…and you are ruining lives.


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5 Responses to Thanks To The Anti-Vax Morons…

  1. Linney says:

    Your last three sentences sum up the situation perfectly. Thank you!

  2. Ken says:

    I live near a town named Manzanita, OR. The entire town, and entrances to it, have Half Size, but ODOT worthy smaller size signs that read… “Masks Required” or “This is a Mask Required Zone,” or similar. These are to mean Anyone in Manzanita are REQUIRED to wear a mask 24/7 Anywhere, Anytime, Always, Period. First, I’m told by the medical community, seen on major NEWS Channels, that wearing masks out in the open air is useless and of no concern. I believe that! Apparently not the majority of folks in the Fuddy Duddy town of Manzanita! I wear one of my 8-10 regular “blue” masks in stores, restaurants, gas stations, anywhere people gather. I’m fine with that. But I didn’t wear a mask when I was walking around in the Glorious town of Manzanita. I got yelled at. A dear ol’ lady in her 70’s, early 80’s read me the riot act. I am 71, btw. Manzanita is located right on the beach. The breeze there is 100% FRESH SALTY AIR right off the Pacific Ocean 500′, or so, from the last road you can drive on for 2-3 miles as it loops around Manzanita itself. Beautiful too!!! That ocean air is Covid Free. First, is it a Federally Mandated requirement that one has to wear a mask OUTSIDE? YES? or NO? Second, is it a Tillamook County requirement Mandating that one MUST WEAR a mask OUTSIDE? YES? NO? Is it a STATE Mandated requirement that one MUST WEAR A MASK while outside in the “Fresh Air?” Whether it’s Oregon’s Beachy Fresh Pure Salt Air or breathing a little dusty air outside of Madres or Prineville in the desert ? Yes? No? I guess I’m a damned rebel because I’ll continue to go mask free when I’m outside 100% of the time. I’m not near anyone, ever, when I walk outside. I WILL ALWAYS have a mask or two in my pocket, wrapped in a Zip Lock Bag to keep it as Sterile as I can and put it on before I enter any business, restaurant, grocery store etc. I’ve received my Two Covid-19 shots completed a couple weeks ago. I carry an easily forged handwritten document letting all the terrorists know that I’m safe to breath around, but be careful of the always loaded 9mm firearm I carry 100% of the time. I’m rambling…Question is…Why is Manzanita doing these “non-lawful” mask required signs, EVERYWHERE? Is that “LEGAL?”. I don’t see that kind of sign anywhere else so, why Manzanita. The rumor in surrounding towns is their being snooty, on a power trip kinda thing and no one likes it. Approximately 20% of people meandering around Manzanita ignore the signs and go au’natural. Think I’m going to stay that way myself. No one is endangering me. I am endangering no one!

    • Patric says:

      WOW…Ken…that is a lot to unpack. But, let me get this straight. Your area is a hotbed for visitors from outside your city, many of whom think that because it is “the Oregon Coast,” (and is breezy) it must be safe. Right? And yet, anyone walking around unmasked is one sneeze, cough, or yelled epithet away from transferring or getting Covid to or from another person. Am I on the right track here?

      What is the REAL problem with your county? There has been an uptick in cases…and YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH HOSPITAL BEDS. This is from the actual release this past December, regarding the shortage:
      The risk of not having access to hospital beds is a real issue for our residents.
      Tillamook County has only one hospital, with 25 beds maximum, so hospitalizations of our
      residents are often elsewhere. The state considers our county part of Region 1 when
      determining hospital capacity. Currently there are 183 non-ICU beds available (out of 1903 total non-ICU beds in the region), and 72 ICU
      beds available (out of 329 ICU beds). Our region will soon be out of available hospital beds if
      the number of new Covid-19 cases needing hospitalization increases as projected and

      In short…all elective, or even non-life-threatening hospital procedures have been suspended…so COVID patients can have the beds.

      Sorry….but you need to wear your mask in public…and that means on the streets. Outside in your backyard…or walking the beaches…or hiking the trails…no problem. But, if there are people around, MASK UP!!

  3. Paul G says:

    You know, Pat, when I hear the arguments of right wing “freedom patriots” and left-wing anti-vaxxers, I keep thinking back to the rationing of food, fuel, and basic goods experienced by our folks generation during WWII. It appears that selfishness of a significant cohort of our fellow citizens is unbounded when it comes to the welfare of our communities.

    • Patric says:

      Paul, I thought of the same thing. Imagine if the United States had just decided that “we can’t be bothered, entering WWII is too much of a disruption of our way of life.” Because that is really what this is…a GLOBAL CONFLICT. American’s sense of entitlement may likely be our undoing in the end.

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