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The Enemy Is the DNC, The Media, and the Process – Debate and Poll Mayhem

Yes. I endured watching last night’s debate. And of course, my takeaway is far different than what is being portrayed in the Media from almost all sources. The desperation for relevance, by almost all of the “front-runners” and a handful … Continue reading

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He’s Back! Election Mayhem and the Need to Do More!

It’s really unbelievable, that we find ourselves in the same kind of “Party Turmoil” that lost us the election in 2016.  At that time, during our huge 9,600 mile cross country trip, my wife and I could see the writing … Continue reading

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12 Days of Claymation Christmas Countdown – Good King Swing

This song was one of my favorites.  I was  after the kind of vibe that Michael Jackson and others were doing as electronic dance grooves and soul around the day. So fun… You can find more about this cut at … Continue reading

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12 Days of Claymation Christmas Celebration Countdown – Joy!

Joy!  It was the song that changed the whole direction of the video, and propelled it from “home video release” to National Network Special. I played all of the instruments, except for the blistering sax solo by NW jazz great … Continue reading

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“Where Kids Are Killed Has No Bearing On This Discussion”

Yep! He actually said that.  The “He” in this case, is a self-proclaimed “Constitutional Warrior” who I stumbled into, or should I say, was stalked by, on Facebook.  Stalked is actually far too intense a term, as he is a … Continue reading

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Here We Go…Again…

Here we go again… Our public officials being “outraged” and then cowering behind the words of indignant inaction. When is enough, really enough?  When “We the People” get off of our lazy, entitled, self-involved asses, to DO SOMETHING other than … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – What REALLY Happened

To say that Hillary’s new book, “What Went Wrong” is ill-timed, and unwanted would be an understatement.  This is the election that just won’t go away…much like Hillary. But, what is even more troubling, is that someone who has been … Continue reading

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