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Time to Dump the 5th Grader…For Good!!

I’m not a fan of sharing some of my most personal details in public (OK…yeah…that’s a lie). But this one is one of those “Oh Dear GOD!!!  I knew you were….but I didn’t think you were…” kinds of confessions.  And … Continue reading

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The Loss of Amateur Athletics and Redefining Greatness

As with countless developments in the “modern age” of sports, a series of events magnified the differences between the terms “amateur” and “greatness” in college athletics. Yes…this is likely to feel like a “geezer rant,” about the “good old days.”  … Continue reading

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The Wrong Solution to Afghanistan…Again

Watching the horrendous chaos that is taking place in Afghanistan, it’s easy to sprint into finger pointing about “what went wrong” in our drawdown and removal of troops from this embattled region where “Empires Go to Die.” This is not … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson- The Most Dangerous Man In America?

It is a pretty well accepted fact, that the damage that Trump did by spreading, or ignoring mis-information about wearing masks, and getting vaccinated has likely cost hundreds of thousands of American lives.  His reaction, or inaction to the pandemic … Continue reading

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