CrankyOldGuy has been “in the family” for more than ten years. Patric Miller, the “original Cranky Old Guy” has been writing for political, social, media and entertainment outlets almost as long as the term “blog” has been in use.

Patric has retired the character from time time, as emotional healing, family life, and dedication to his golf game have superseded with commitments of time and effort. But, with the the “shitstorm” of “assclowns” who have popped up like so many mushrooms in the cow patties across the field of life…CrankyOldGuy must be brought out of retirement once again. Why?  So you don’t have to talk about this stuff in person, and you can continue to invite him to social occasions without the fear of one of his rants.

In the end…it’s better to talk about this stuff than keep it locked up inside. Right?

Holyfreakinshirt!!  (a word I am hoping to trademark, along with the term “padular device”), it’s time to get to work!