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Let’s See…Where Are We Now?

So yes…let’s start with the obvious. I haven’t written a serious piece about anything since last January. I posted a handful of “funny” videos about dealing with Covid, until it became clear that there was nothing funny about it any … Continue reading

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CrankyOldGuy Offers You a DIY Social Distance Tool!

Well…It  looks like we might be in for a ton more “Social Distancing” no matter what our “Commander in Tweet” hopes will happen.  I get it. But, people are already starting to miss the point…especially the hordes of shoppers stampeding … Continue reading

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Cranky Tries A Covid Haircut and Succeeds…Mostly

One of the things nobody really counted on, was the swiftness with which things shut down here in Oregon. The Covid Craziness actually hit me personally earlier than the mandated “essential business only” date, because my preferred barber, works on … Continue reading

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Cranky Talks To Pets – Pet Vid Fun or Pet Pandemic???

OK…I know. There are a TON of Pet Lovers out there.  I get it.  They mostly love you unconditionally (except for cats) and don’t end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise and educate. But, with the … Continue reading

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