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This is nuts… Follow CrankyOldGuy as he ventures in to the world of Senior TP Shopping at Walmart…and perhaps uncovers the Greatest Covid Conspiracy of ALL TIME. The plot by Government to Wipe Out Old People! I wish the REAL … Continue reading

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My Solution to the Toilet Paper Shortage

Once again… I am faced with finding REAL SOLUTIONS to evolving problems being created by this pandemic panic.  It seems that so many have lost any sense of perspective, mostly due to any REAL SOLUTIONS for the challenges of “trying … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday Part II- the Bitecofer Model

For any of you following along, and want to be picayune about the details of the headline, you are correct. I didn’t write a “Super Tuesday Part I” post.  I did however, write that I wasn’t going to post on … Continue reading

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2 Pats in a Pod- Patric Shares a Mic with Patrick

At my age, there are few things in life that surprise me anymore.  However, every once in a while, you have an experience that is unique, fun, and completely gratifying.  This week, I had one of those experiences, by being … Continue reading

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Trumpski – Handing the United States Over to Russian Hackers

I know. The headline is “sensational” to say the least. But, there were three very specific things that happened this last week that made me want to unplug every padular and mobile device in my possession. To co-op the old … Continue reading

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Waking Up the Power of the People – Solutions Part III – Finding the Message in a Sea of Garbage

I really did mean to write this a few days ago. But, when I heard that FBI Director James Comey, and NSA Director Mike Rodgers were going to testify before the Congressional  House Intelligence Committee, I thought I’d wait. It … Continue reading

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Chicken Trump…What Goes Around, Stays Away?

It is a pretty well-known assumption (won’t go so far as to call it fact) that one of the primary reasons that Trump was actually motivated to run for President, and has such a targeted dislike for President Obama, was … Continue reading

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