Cranky Talks To Pets – Pet Vid Fun or Pet Pandemic???

OK…I know. There are a TON of Pet Lovers out there.  I get it.  They mostly love you unconditionally (except for cats) and don’t end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise and educate.

But, with the current Covid-19 Stay at Home policies in place…people are abusing their pets in ways that nobody could ever have imagined before.

That’s right…I’m talking about people EXPLOITING THEIR PETS FOR HUMOR!!

And even more specifically…those insidious “Talking Pet” vids people are making with the Talking Pet App…

And no…I’m not going to list the URL here…because that would be counterproductive to my mission. TO STOP THESE VIDEOS FROM BEING PRODUCED!!

But…as you might guess…the best way to STOP something is to “REPLACE” it with something better (a lesson the Commander In Tweet should have learned about destroying the “Previous admistration’s Health Care…without REPLACING IT!”  But, I digress…

I came up with  GREAT APP…that let’s me Talk to Animals…and worn them of the exploitation their “Masters” (I use quotes on masters for cat owners…who are you kidding? Cat owners are owned by their cats).

Enjoy. And PLEASE stop posting those videos.  The world will be a better place for it.

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2 Responses to Cranky Talks To Pets – Pet Vid Fun or Pet Pandemic???

  1. bryson621 says:

    You DID make me laugh but why do have the “from the hills of a southern state” accent? No offense to those from the south. Anytime I visited my relatives I came home sounding just like them for a few days. Can you interpret what my dog says to the mailman every day? I think I know what he says to the pizza guy.
    Stay safe, stay connected…thanks.

    • Patric says:

      Sorry…Missed this comment. Ok…so you have to understand our weird, funny, family. For as long as I can remember…we will often devolve into a bit of a “country redneck” dialect when we are messing with each other. CrankyOldGuy…which actually started waaaaayyy back in 2002 or there-about, always talked like this. I’ve tried doing them as me. It confuses the grandkids.

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