CrankyOldGuy Tests and Makes a DIY Covid Mask

I know…I keep wanting to say, “It certainly can’t get any worse.” And then…

Weirdly, after seeing what the rest of the world is doing, and the precautions they are taking to try to keep the death toll and infection rate down, it does make one feel puny when you find yourself complaining about being forced to be at home, and watch TV, and only go out for “Essential Services,” like “Liquor, Guns and Ammo.”  Man…I think I’ve seen that movie…and I’m not really sure I like how it ends. 

But now, it is likely that we are going to be asked to wear masks every time we go out, or are in places where there are more than a couple of people (like the golf course).  This wouldn’t be nearly as bad, if there were any masks to buy, and if the people who REALLY need them (the gallant nurses, doctors, and first responders subjected to this hideous killer every hour of every day) had enough, and weren’t begging the governmen(s) for help.

So…yes...we are going to have to get creative.  And I do. I will show you my efforts to make my own multi-filtered mask, as well as pass along some other great ideas I have found with a couple of quick “Googs.”

Let’s Get COVERED…

I ran into some basic problems when I first started searching the “interwebs” for ideas.  First…My head is huge. I have a LOT of face to cover. And no…trimming my beard wouldn’t help.

I found a template and guide (which I will post below) which had an easy-to-follow, step-by-step sheet on how to do this.  However, I realized that I was going to have to enlarge the template to fit my “Mellon Head” as my wife likes to call it.

I admit that I was more than a little frustrated. And after Binge Watching the final season of “Mr. Robot” I realized that I could just go, “Full Elliot” with a hoodie. But, ultimately, realized that it was terrifying to others with whom I may come in contact…including my wife.

And so…
I made my OWN Mask…as you will see in the Video Below.


In the video, I reference a chart of materials that some people are using for their own masks.  It goes by pretty quickly. So, I will repost it here...

And Finally…the Instructions for the Mask…mostly.  If you see my video, I used a paper towels, the cloth part of a vacuum bag, and the cloth from a pillow case…but you can use a tea towel, or any of the other materials listed above. And, instead of sewing…I used duct tape.




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