CrankyOldGuy Offers You a DIY Social Distance Tool!

Well…It  looks like we might be in for a ton more “Social Distancing” no matter what our “Commander in Tweet” hopes will happen.  I get it. But, people are already starting to miss the point…especially the hordes of shoppers stampeding Costco for their now infamous 30-Roll TP Packs. And they get to buy TWO!!

But, I digress…

I am more than happy, to once again, offer up a solution for those of you who are worried about Social Distancing. And, that should be everyone!

Included is a video…plus three EASY TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT SIGNS!

There is a lot packed into this video…so you may want to watch it more than once, so you can catch all of the subtle bits and pieces I’ve thrown in…Just because I can.

Keep Reading for the Vid, Signs, and final thoughts on WHY we have to keep doing this…even if our “Leadership” disagrees. 

I think this may be one of my favorites…mostly because I actually talked my wife into operating the camera. You can hear her laughs on a couple of takes.

Nobody was harmed…no windows broken…and I only had one lady get upset with me (at the Post Office),  along with one very “weirded out” employee, who gave “mild chase” to me at Lowe’s.   My excuse would have been (had she caught me) was that all of the parts required to make this Social Distance Tool were purchased at Lowe’s.  How could they be upset with all of the free advertising???

I want to believe we can open things up soon…but the earth is very, very, very old…and even by Biblical terms, “soon” may be a while, unless we want to go through all of this again during football season.

So…use social distancing!  And if others don’t play along…WEAR YOUR SDT!!

Here’s the video!







And finally…a reminder WHY I make these every week. Because I have to.

With all of the seemingly unending stuff I do every week, for clients, non-profits, our work in Uganda, and keeping tabs on all of the kids and grandkids…I need an outlet. So…no, I haven’t lost my mind.

You can’t lose what you never really had…right?

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2 Responses to CrankyOldGuy Offers You a DIY Social Distance Tool!

  1. Kevin M Moen says:

    Thanks again, Pat. We need your videos to help keep all of us all sane in these challenging times. By the way, we went to COSTCO in Albany today and actually bought some TP. They had lots and there wasn’t any kind of stampede to get it. I just hope we could find some disinfectant wipes or lotion. Other than that, we are doing very well, even able to golf a couple of times a week. Other than that, we are walking or riding bikes daily. Thank goodness for the good weather. Let me know if you want to get together for a round of golf someday. Watty and Horn still need to set up a rematch at Mallard Creek. Be safe!.

    • Patric says:

      After the cataract surgery…got put off until June. Cross your fingers!
      Played yesterday. Can’t see the ball beyond 75 yards. Ergh.

      Will keep up the vids as long as there is a need-and I can find the time.

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