The Enemy Is the DNC, The Media, and the Process – Debate and Poll Mayhem

Yes. I endured watching last night’s debate. And of course, my takeaway is far different than what is being portrayed in the Media from almost all sources.

The desperation for relevance, by almost all of the “front-runners” and a handful of those who don’t have a chance in hell, but won’t give up, was clear by the plethora of emails I got, before, DURING and after the debate.  During?  Yep…no more than three “how am I doing, please donate!” emails while the debate was going on. Take away their phones?

The whole process is pathetic, demeaning, and may very well be helping Trump get re-elected.

Who’s to blame?  The media for hyping the differences (there are very few differences between the front-runners), the Polls (which are determining who is “in the lead and who is catching up) 4 months before the first primary or caucus, and the DNC, who is pushing this mess on the candidates, with all sorts of false benchmarks put in place, including the need to fund-raise…relentlessly.

Brad Parscale has to be loving this…and may be part of the mayhem that is being spread across social media.

Let’s break this down into something that makes sense…and also offers up a real chance to win in November (as in a Year from now!).

This is just a sampling of the URGENT emails I got before, during and after the debate.

The Debate itself was predictable.  Depending on which media wonks you follow, Biden Won…Warren Lost…Bernie Won…Kamala Lost…Biden Lost…Warren Won…Bernie Lost but won by yelling the loudest…and everyone else got their fleeting one remaining minute of fame to lay out their differences…which as I said, are hardly different at all in basic principal.

If you believe the polls (and you shouldn’t), there are at least 5 candidates who currently are “more electable” and can beat Trump if the election were held today. 

The only problem with these polls, is that almost all of them have such small sample sizes (check the details) that they are less than trustworthy as far as the REAL pulse of the nation. The most recent ABC/Washington Post Poll about the Pre-Dabate race between Biden and Warren, showed them neck and neck.  This was from a sample size of 1,000 voters…who read the Washington Post or watch ABC News. This is out of a voting population of more than 13 million registered voters (according to the most recent elections/data from the 2018 midterms– )

Do the math…the sample cell they are using for most of the polls you see, is so small, it wouldn’t even come close to a comparison of trying to decide how many white cars are in the United States, by measuring the parking lot of your local Walmart.  LOTS of zeros before you hit a real number and a percentage point.

And to top it off, a TON of the “official polls” you see on Social Media, email, and other sources, are fabricated, or from other organizations seeking money.  They are created out of thin air…and most likely coming from Brad Parcale and the Republican Party (and perhaps even the Russians and other bad players).

Why do they do them this early? To create drama…and ratings. Again, if there isn’t news to fill for a 24-hour news cycle, then they have to create news. And polls…and minor differences between candidates blown out of proportion, is exactly what gets people’s motors running.

Meanwhile…the Candidates are now dealing with what amounts to a TWO YEAR Primary Race.  Remember when Biden “finally” entered the race, and everyone said it “late getting into the game?”  That was at the end of April. He became the “front-runner” immediately, and the target of everyone else at the same time.  And it is still 4 MONTHS until the Iowa Caucus, and the first primaries.  Holyfreakinshirt!!!

Who benefits from this?  The DNC and the Media. They both earn big bucks in fundraising by making this cycle a never-ending shitshow of cannibalism, that actually weakens the party, and most important, emboldens Trump.

Right now…you have just THREE “could be” candidates…according to polling and fundraising.  And one of them continues to make himself all but un-electable…partly by his own actions, and partly out of something he can’t control.

Bernie is old (he can’t help that)…and has lost any sense of nuance.  Voters can do the math, and 4 years will make him a “mid-otigenerian,” eight years, pushing 90.  But, his real problem with winning over the “middle,” is that like it or not, he is going “back to his roots” as a true “Socialist” who is all about reducing government, while actually adding to the government’s budget substantially.  I don’t disagree with his ideas, and most of the candidates have adopted his platform concepts (from 2o16), in some form or another. But, unfortunately, most of what he is proposing is untenable.  When you start throwing around ideas with budget numbers in the mega-trillions, you are going to lose the middle-of-the-road, fiscal/program voter. And that is the SWING vote we need to win.

Furthermore, if you can’t find ways to fund programs, and get them through Congress, it is all just apocryphal pipe dreams.  We’d like to believe it can be  true…but is a myth for the immediate (as in 8 years) future. He is a great dreamer…with great “wishes,” but almost none of his actual strategies are going to happen, even if he is elected.  Medicare  for All? Great idea. Ask Obama how that worked out, after his OWN PARTY dismantled his original ideas, of an far less aggressive plan, and handed the power back to Big Pharm.

My solution and party ticket?  Biden and Warren. Just do it. I’d also go for Biden and Kamala, or even Biden and Pete…but if you want the middle/swing voter, you had better have at least Uncle Joe on the ticket.

Joe is prone to verbal gaffs. But, he understands how to find compromise in Congress.
Warren has GREAT Ideas…with reasonably workable plans (lower price tag than Bernie’s), and continues to find support from energized older voters, women, and some youth.
Kamala is fading as a true contender…but until we actually get to the REAL primaries (the only polls that matter), she can’t be counted out as at least a VP pick for Warren or Joe.
And then there is Pete…perhaps the smartest, most down-to-earth, even-keeled candidate in the mix…who would make a great VP, and may be able to help the Presidential candidate keep things moving forward in regards to equality for all.

But, there is plenty of time left. And I just can’t get excited about these “Staged Cage Matches” that don’t do anything for anyone…except for the Media and the DNC.

Ignore the polls.  Don’t donate to ANYONE yet. And for the love of God…start thinking about what it will take to BEAT TRUMP. Bernie, Pete, or Kamala as the Presidential Candidate is not going to do it.

This has turned into Fantasy Football for Politics. It has no bearing on reality…unless YOU allow yourself to lose sight of the real goals.  Beat Trump. Get our country back. Start injecting some common sense back into governance…before the Polar Bears are all dying from drinking tainted water, in Alabama.

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7 Responses to The Enemy Is the DNC, The Media, and the Process – Debate and Poll Mayhem

  1. Shannon says:

    I agree. Although I favor Warren, I don’t know that this country has evolved enough yet to elect a woman President. I’m always vacillating between choosing who I really want, and choosing who might have the best chance to rid us of the current infection in our WH.

  2. Matt says:

    I disagree with you about Bernie (I have no problem with a large initial investment if things get much better in the long run), but I do like Warren. The thing both of us I think can agree on is vote blue no matter who. I am very liberal, but we have to get Trump out of the WH. Good to see you here! I also go on the TSTO board.

    • Patric says:

      I was a huge fan of Bernie’s in 2016- and worked actively on his campaign. Unfortunately for me, his message hasn’t changed much at all, and he is 4 years older. Ageist? Perhaps. But, there is something to the aging process…and the energy needed to do things right at the helm.

      I am sliding closer and closer to being a full fledged Warren supporter. We’ll see. But, I love her energy, and the fact that she seems to love being in the thick of the crowd (as her 4 hour selfie sessions after rallies has proven).

  3. Matt says:

    I do agree that Bernie is looking and sounding older. I am only in my 40s – and have no problem with older people – but Warren’s years on Bernie make a difference. I supported Bernie last time, but I am planning on voting for Warren this time. Warren also supports Medicare For All, and I feel she can explain her ideas extremely well to voters.

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