2 Pats in a Pod- Patric Shares a Mic with Patrick

At my age, there are few things in life that surprise me anymore.  However, every once in a while, you have an experience that is unique, fun, and completely gratifying.  This week, I had one of those experiences, by being a guest on the STR Podcast.

STR stands for “Spent the Rent,” and just the name should give you an idea of how interesting, funny, and self-deprecating Patrick Stutz (aka SelfEsteem Boat Willie) can be.

The STR Podcast is absolutely my favorite local podcast, because it is so very, very local. Like Eugene, Patrick welcomes a huge range of guests, from political figures, social advocates, musicians, and even the occasional college professor.  And the super “insider secret” (that’s not a secret any longer) is that it was suppose to be me and him…”Two Pats In a Pod,” out of an idea hatched in the barber chair.

Yes. Patrick is also my barber.  And that what makes his podcast so amazing. It’s like sitting in the barbershop, mixing it up with whoever walks in, but without the fear of getting nicked, if things get too heated.  And, our conversation got heated…

Our conversations always seem to get heated.

We met years ago, in a different shop, and I liked the guy right away. He told me about his “other career” as a local Hip Hop artist.  This got my attention, because Patrick is one of the most “Irish” white guys I have ever seen.  Put him on a Lucky Charms box, wearing his Celtics socks, and you would have a pretty good idea of the first impression he used to give off.

But, that was then. And now, Patrick has been through all sorts of amazing evolutionary moves. He quit drinking. He is in a wonderful committed relationship. He is a home owner…and even got his license and a car! HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!  It this the same guy who used to bend my ear over the clippers, raving about music, sports, and carousing?

He still bends my ear over politics, music and sports. But the carousing days are done. And he has put all of the energy he used to spend finding ways to divert his high-running-motor gone wild, into his PodCast.

Does he have a background in broadcasting? Nope. And that’s what I love. The conversations are real, and sometimes raw, unlike so many current and former broadcast types.  He’s genuine, and interested in his guests. He does his homework, asks great questions, and is always quick with a joke. Very, very, very quick.  His mind is running in the red line, all of the time.

For our Podcast episode, we talk about why we never made it to the production line together (he is amped up…and wants to do it quickly…I am too much of a “pro” for my own good).  But, like it or not…the “teacher” has been outflanked by the student, and he is now a full year into the STRPodcast.  Every episode different.

So what did we tussle about?

What else. Politics.  He is part of the impatient youth, who found Bernie to be the answer to all of our nation’s woes.  Many of his guests are of the same ilk. so there isn’t a whole lot of disagreement to go around.

Me? I’m older (much older) and have been around the political block so many times that I am now running on fumes.  The industry that was part of my life for more than 40 years (broadcasting and marketing) is now part of the problem, feasting on creating conflict for ratings, instead of working to find solutions.

If you listen, and I hope you will, you’ll hear why I can’t support Bernie, and secretly (at least until I saw Elizabeth Warren on Colbert) was hoping for a Biden/Warren or Biden/Harris ticket.  And that’s what I said last Sunday when we recorded this episode.

But, as I have been saying…and will continue to say…it’s WAY too early to pick our candidates.  Polls mean nothing. It’s all media hype at this point. The ONLY polls that matter, are the actual Primary/Caucus results.  And those are still months away.

After seeing Warren on Colbert, I have warmed to her.  One on one, she is far less “Kermit warming up a crowd for Sesame Street,” and the really smart, thoughtful, real-deal solution maker, that just might get her elected, comes through.

It’s been a couple of days now since we talked.  We have been texting back and forth since…and I think we finally agree.  If we are going to “go for it,” in 2020…the Dream Ticket may well just be,  Warren and Pete.  Now THAT would be a game-changer.

Patrick is going to have me back on again, as we get closer to the actual election cycle.  I had a $20 bet going early on, that Joe would be the candidate for 2020.  I’m not sure that I am going to win that bet now.  I’m not totally sure I want to win that bet. We’ll see.

In the meantime…subscribe to the STR Podcast.  He only does one every two weeks now. So, you won’t get overwhelmed.  If you want to get a REAL taste of Eugene…this is the best way I know of.  A real guy…talking to real people…just for the fun of it.

Thanks, Patrick! It was a blast!

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW (and if you listen to the end, you’ll hear a cut from my old band, “Dopplegang” as a bonus).

Listen to: 2PatsInAPod

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