He’s Back! Election Mayhem and the Need to Do More!

It’s really unbelievable, that we find ourselves in the same kind of “Party Turmoil” that lost us the election in 2016.  At that time, during our huge 9,600 mile cross country trip, my wife and I could see the writing on the lawns…or more specifically, the lack thereof, in most of the swing states in our country.

To recap…Hillary either barely won, or lost big to Bernie in several of the swing states…and then decided she “had this in the bag,” and didn’t bother campaigning there in the final weeks before the general election. Not a “Hillary 2016” lawn sign was to be seen in places like Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  This opened up the door to the genius (and I don’t use that term loosely) of Brad Parscale’s digital onslaught of Facebook and Social Media manipulation (with a small boost from the Russians), to sway those sitting on the fence, after watching the DNC steal the convention from Bernie.

What’s Changed?

Not much. Except that Parscale is now the Campaign Chairman of the Trump campaign, and the Democrats are working their asses off to self destruct with a spate of cannibalism that seems intent on destroying all of the front-runners and any real chances of crushing the MAGA hat brigade, by showering the airwaves and debate stages with untenable plans, divisive campaigns, and “HEY, I SAID THAT FIRST” one-ups-manship. When the real need to UNIFY our efforts and put the best ticket together from the “Top Five” (which the media has already declared is only a three horse race).

In the coming weeks and months…I am going to bitch, whine, complain and tirade against most of what we see right now, including the media that seems intent on keeping the divisiveness fresh, for the sake of ratings.

I will also offer up common sense, pragmatic opinions on how best to win, while keeping the real issues in the forefront.  And yes…I will likely alienate half of my friends and family doing so.  I don’t care anymore. I’m old, pissed off, and running out of time to try to slap some sense into the debate.

We are still a full FIVE MONTHS from the Iowa Caucuses…and ELEVEN MONTHS from the Democratic Convention. There is loads of work to be done.  Loads of ways to get involved. And yes…loads of things to IGNORE in the media.

Let’s get to work.

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2 Responses to He’s Back! Election Mayhem and the Need to Do More!

  1. mlrasmus says:

    So glad you are back on your soapbox. We truly have a cluster on our hands. I’m in Iowa, and was encouraged that a young gal rang my doorbell yesterday to ask me political questions.  Looking forward to your posts. Mardi 

    • Patric says:

      Well…I actually wish that I didn’t NEED to be back. But, the train isn’t just off of the rails, but headed toward one of those old time trestles, with dynamite in the middle.

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