Our Commander in Tweet – Waking Up the Power of the People In Three Easy Steps

So, I admit it. I started watching the “President’s Address to Congress” with the same snarky, close-minded attitude that many of my “Hate Everything he Says And Does” (HESAD) group of friends had. But, within five minutes of my self-imposed drinking game (take a drink every time he said, “Very, Very, VERY” in his speech), I realized that I was watching a “New Trump.” Kinda mostly… and wasn’t drunk enough not to notice!

He was measured.  He cut back on the campaign rhetoric. He actually presented some ideas (although admittedly not with solutions for funding them) that actually had my bulbous noggin nodding. “Whaaaaaa Happened?

So then I went to check the posts from our Commander in Tweet (yes, I follow him on Twitter…more on that in a minute), and realized that he had taken a moratorium (short, very, very, VERY short) on laying waste to the Tweet-O-Shere over the days preceding his speech.

Just TWO posts in two days…both pimping his big speech. Holyfreakinshirt!

So, WHAT got into him?  What changed?  Who got his attention? Is it going to last???

Well…in my opinion, the answer to the first two had to do with an energized voter base, gathering in town meetings to put serious pressure on the Congress…which is mentioned in BOTH of the strategies that I talked about in the last post.  As it turns out, Congress doesn’t like to be yelled at, or held accountable for their actions, or actually have to face those who pay their salaries and keep them ensconced in Washington.

There are LOADS of YouTube vids of Republican town hall meetings (including one from that Southern Boll Weevil, Mitch McConnel)  being disrupted by voters from their precincts and states, who are PISSED at the way Congress is dealing with the Affordable Care Act.  The “fact” that many probably don’t know that “Obama Care” and “the Affordable Care Act” are one in the same, is beside the point.  But hey…the outcome was the same.

So I opine, that Congress was made to feel uncomfortable (and to a degree accountable), and they made their Commander in Tweet aware that he had to do something about it.

Reason #2? Enter the “power of a daughter to change a Dad.” I know this power first-hand, as a father of five daughters. I can tell you without question, that if I was left to run my life unchecked by their opinions, I would be a far more horrible, cranky person than I am today. It is heavily reported that Ivanka had a great deal to do with softening up his speech, as well as keeping topics that appeal to women in the agenda (Child Care, Equal Pay, Unfair removal of Melania’s fashions from retailers). Ok. I made that last one up. Ivanka clearly doesn’t wear the Melania Fashion Line. But, the “softer, more reflective, Donald” was a clear reflection of taking advice from the one “handler” that actually has his ear…Ivanka.

The Tweet Moratorium lasted exactly two days. He has a flurry of “thank you” tweets, and handful about the HUGE bump in the Stock Market (which is clearly a Trump Bump…no denying it), and then all hell broke out with the Sessions debacle.

For Full Context- Read These from the BOTTOM Up…and watch him become unhinged…


Yes. You read that right.  In just a few days, he went from bragging about the gains in the stock market (valid), to calling for an investigation into Shumer/Palosi ties to Russia (insanely transparent), to accusing Obama of wire-tapping illegally (pfffttt…silly by any standards), to taking another poke at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who by this time must be ready to hand in his “Republican Card” and call it a day.

What does this pattern show?  A man who is clearly unhinged, wildly ill-informed about the limitations of his power, and without question, the most “UN-Presidential” President to hold office since Harding.

I actually watched a couple of interviews with President Bush II, on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel this week, and found myself MISSING the Bush Administration!

The World of our Commander in Tweet has come completely off of the rails.  Congress, his daughter, and anyone else who has control over any shred of common sense this guy possesses (his hair stylist??), need to reel him in.

Or. Not.

In fact…I am back to applauding the fluidity of insanity that comes from this guy’s phone in the early hours of every day. Like Kimmel has pointed out, he has to be doing this during his early morning “ritual bowel cleansing,” because the time of the posts, and his busy schedule don’t allow him any other time. Maybe he is actually only half-awake…and is “Sleep Tweeting.”  At least that would make sense. Perhaps his Rogaine/Spray Tan chemical cocktails are messing with his sleep habits. Who knows? Let him Tweet.  It reveals the @realDonaldTrump like nothing else does.


STEP ONE is EASY. Follow Trump on Twitter.

That’s right you Boomer Luddites. It’s time to join the world and figure out that the best strategy for beating an enemy is knowing his every move…and Twitter is Trump’s soft underbelly of reality.  It IS the “realDonaldTrump” like nothing else is.  Books, documentaries, and countless blogs will be dedicated to the unraveling of his Presidency by Twitter.  Let him have it…and follow along.

Don’t rely on Kimmel, or Colbert, or Samantha Bee, or even John Oliver, or any other comedian type (sorry, this is where Michael Moore and I profoundly disagree), to dictate the flow of information.  It’s right there…first hand…in real time…as it happens.  YOU need to take responsibility for your flow of information and facts. GET ENGAGED…don’t just watch.

DO IT TODAY.  Get the app. Sign Up. And FOLLOW him @realDonaldTrump. You will be amazed. 

Steps Two and Three are a bit more complicated…but have already been proven to work in the past two weeks.  So…get ready to be an activist.  I will be posting these on Monday. So come back…check the blog…and get ready to get your “Activist Pants” on.

Time to get to work. Time to figure out how to make technology work for the PEOPLE.

Let’s Make America Trumpless Again…


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7 Responses to Our Commander in Tweet – Waking Up the Power of the People In Three Easy Steps

  1. Shannon says:

    I’ve threatened, but have held out on getting a twitter account. Now that I’ve honestly responded to two of his “surveys” (where you need to identify yourself) I figure WHAT THE HELL!?! Why not get a twitter account so I can, not only harass him, but can be as well informed regarding his paranoia as the rest of the tweeters every day!!! If I suddenly come up missing, there might be a clue here! 🤓🤓🤓

  2. smegling says:

    Shame on you @realDonaldTrump, you have denegrated the greatest public office like no other. #hehastogo while some semblance of integrity in the title of ‘President of the USA’ is left… or is it too late?

  3. Shannon Doherty says:

    I did it!!!!

  4. lambwaffle says:

    I feel the same, I’m young although I don’t feel it lol and held off from twitter while everyone else around me joined years ago but recently joined a few months ago because of this. It’s the best way to find out what’s going on and also connect with other activists.

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