Resistance, Persistence and the Commander in Tweet- Solutions Part II

If all of you who follow along actually did what I suggested in the last post, you have seen a week where our “Commander in Tweet” has once again spun facts, pandered to women (not an assaulting P-Grabbing threat in the bunch), claimed that his strategies have already set new records in jobs creation…and that health care reform, is “making great progress.”

Let’s just agree to disagree on most of what he says…right? He is a master of the “say it enough, and people will believe it” tactic that actually got him elected in the first place.

But what we face, is a daily onslaught of truly random ideas, with seemingly contrary results (reducing the deficit while increasing spending, but cutting budgets, while increasing defense…while cutting TSA and Coast Guard to build a wall), that are all born out of one very clear objective…LET THE 1% RUN FREE and everything else will follow.

This makes Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics” look like a drip…and the dam that keeps the deluge from destroying the country in an unbridled fury of greed, is being dismantled from the inside.

But, there is a way to turn off the spigot of insanity that is polluting the waters of clear thinking (had enough water metaphors yet?), and it comes back to the same “source” every time…Congress.

Here’s why Congress, and attacking their soft underbellies, is the only way we will wrest back any control from this power-drunk-rhetoric-fueled-potentate.

Let’s start with a couple of facts.

The so-called “Republican Party Majority Mandate” is one that has the slimmest of margins. I know. It doesn’t look that way on paper.

The Senate is close…the House, not as much. At least on paper. But, when you consider that most of the votes thus far have been extremely close (closer than the hard partisan numbers would predict), you realize that there is division in the “undivided.”

HOWEVER…you have to start this process by doing two things. One is going to be very, very hard…the other not as much.

I’ll let you decide which was the difficult thing.

For me, taking off the partisan blinders was easy. I don’t support or trust either party at this point. I also have loads of registered Republican friends who are already scared to death about the direction(s) that Trump seems to be push/pulling the country both domestically and internationally. So…I understand that starting the solutions from a partisan stance is the wrong way to solve anything.

But, I DO understand the system.

And, remembering that congress is made up of PEOPLE, who are just like you and me (except for Mitch McConnell. who is clearly a mutant spawn from a hillbilly/alien/marionette crossbreeding project gone bad), will actually serve our overall purposes.

Trump won the election on the slimmest of margins (no matter what he tweeted), and his support comes from a relatively thin patina of radicalized extremists from the “Fox House of Worship.”

And, as PEOPLE who primarily make their livelihoods out of “being liked” (most of these wonkish nerds are actually just seeking revenge for slights they suffered in grade school), they are constantly seeking the approval of those who will secure the most important thing in their lives…THEIR JOBS.

Let’s face it…being in Congress is a Cush Job! The perks are great. The pay is amazing. And the fact is, most of these guys couldn’t survive in the real world…with real jobs. No wonder their fall-back job is always “Lobbyist.”  But, I digress…

It is the fundamental threat of losing their jobs that is actually our most powerful weapon of choice. And as we have seen from our Commander in Tweet, threatening something in this day in age, is almost as good as DOING something…or can at least have the same result.

So, what is the best way to let them know that their jobs are at stake if they continue to behave like the Lackey Assclowns that they are?  TELL THEM.

Both of the sources for action that I mentioned in the first article had a single suggestion that was actually both easy and effective when dealing with “People of the Congressional Persuasion.”

They both made the point that is was important to let your representatives know DAILY what you feel about any action going on. And let’s face it, these days there is PLENTY of action.

They suggest, as do I, that the most effective way to turn Congress into a tool of resistance (let’s not go crazy with thinking they can offer up real solutions yet), is to simply let them know what you want.

BE SPECIFIC. Be persistent. Be doggedly focused.

Don’t know how to contact our representatives?  Have your heard of the Inter-webs? They have this thing called “the Google” that is actually faster than an encyclopedia…or even a reference librarian (sorry Maureen), that has all of the answers.  OK. I’m being snarky…


Call them daily. Do it while you are binge-watching “House of Cards” on Netflix. It takes time…it takes persistence (you will be on hold a lot). But, DO IT.
Then Drop them an Email…or even a “Snail Mail” to let them know that you weren’t kidding with your phone call.

THIS WORKS. Case in point…the ridiculously, horrible, short-sited, hand the power to the insurance companies, version of “The replacement for Obama-Care” is actually facing huge hurdles because people…real people…are pushing back, as well as putting pressure on AARP, and other lobbying groups to stop “fixing” the solutions to parts of the ACA that aren’t broken.

You want to have some fun? GO AFTER THE WORST OREGON CONGRESSMAN of the bunch… Greg Walden. He is actually helping to author this fustercluck of a healthcare plan. I know Greg. He is a horrible businessperson…another “broadcaster run amuck.” Another guy who turned his bully-pulpit at his hometown radio stations, into a full-time job. A guy who actually started believing his own BS.  

Here is Walden’s Contact Info… 
Walden, Greg R  – PH. 202-225-6730

And YES…Walden has a Facebook, and Twitter account… You can find his smiling, “I’m one of the people…NOT!” face on his web page…

Here’s his email address-
He’ll make you jump through some hoops…but I suggest that you go ahead and lie about whether you are in his district or not. He lies all of the time. It’s only fair. 

This is the same tactic that should be used in every state in the Union.  If you see something that doesn’t feel right…stop whining on Facebook…and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Let’s Recap…

PART I- FOLLOW TRUMP ON TWITTER (and if you are feeling particularly down, tweet back a reply to his outrageous claims. He won’t listen…but it will make you feel better).  It is important to know what the “enemy” is doing…and Trump’s omnipresent and obsessively self-absorbed tweeting is the best “real time update” as to what he is thinking about on any given day.

PART II- Turn Technology and Communication into Action Tools to Go After CONGRESS.  They are the soft-underbelly of the Trump Administration…because, believe it or not…most of them will be in office, long after the the Commander in Tweet is gone…UNLESS YOU VOTE THEM OUT. But, in the meantime…there is nothing more powerful than letting them know that you are watching them…and that you are not happy with their actions.

I’ll follow up with Part III shortly…

But let me know what your results are. Let me know that you are part of the solution by exercising YOUR freedom of expression.


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  1. Shannon Doherty says:

    Hey Pat!
    I sent Rep Walden an ema

  2. lekittynoir says:

    Hey there! I started calling my congressman about a month ago. It was a rocky start because I have a terrible case of phone anxiety. After calling a few days in a row it got easier. I have a notebook I carry and write out what I want to say. I’ve never actually spoken to anyone at the office, but I leave messages. I’ll add a daily email to the list as well. I’m part of this daily action group that sends a text about an issue every day, it includes a link to their FB page where they give info about the issue. There’s also a number to call where you listen to a short message and input your zip code and it automatically connects you to your elected official. For anyone who wants to get involved but is feeling overwhelmed, this is an easy way to start. If you’re interested look up Daily Action on faceboook. I’ll be honest though, I slacked off when I was on vacation recently and haven’t made a call in a week. Tomorrow when I’m snowed in I’ll get back on the ball. Thanks for the nudge!

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