Trumpski – Handing the United States Over to Russian Hackers

I know. The headline is “sensational” to say the least. But, there were three very specific things that happened this last week that made me want to unplug every padular and mobile device in my possession. To co-op the old Timothy Leary phrase, I wanted to “Turn Off, Tune Out, and Hide in the Corner…”

But of course, as an owner of a handful of Internet-related enterprises (trust me, that sounds way bigger than reality if the IRS is reading this), I HAVE to care  about the three biggest developments to shake up the our current reality, and completely alter the future as we know it.

And no…for once, I am not overstating this. An absolute Game-Changer slid through the morass of “Spy-vs-Congress” headlines this week. One that in my opinion may be more damaging to our way of life than anything signed since the massive deregulation bills of communications and investment banking in 1997.

And the worst part, is that the average voter/citizen is too lazy or ill-informed to catch it.

1. Both Senate and House Committees on Intelligence made it clear that there was very specific, and damaging use of “weaponized” information gathered on our highest elected officials, not only during the past election cycle, but as recently as this past week.

2. It was revealed by several news agencies that the head of the Congressional House Intelligence Committee is likely working with/for the Trump administration to hide/alter documents that may be “impeachment-worthy.”


3. Trump, with the help of a huge contingent of ignorant, Luddite old men (also known as Congress), passed one of the most invasive, open-ended, and horribly dangerous roll-backs of American Freedom…since the McArthy era.  In this case…EVERYONE loses their privacy, their ability to gather information, and any sense of a clear channel to the truth.

This last one, disguised as a way to “level the playing field” was actually just one more way to make our entire communications/energy/government more vulnerable to outside hackers and hostile governments.

It seems simple enough on the surface- and not really a surprise for those who know Trump as a “pro-business guy.”  But the ramifications of opening up restrictions on Internet Privacy rules, just put into place last year by the FCC, have far more dangerous consequences than even this article from 9to5Mac (an IT wonk site) point out.

The “party line boilerplate” that was issued when this passed both houses and landed on Trump’s desk was,“This joint resolution nullifies the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission entitled “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.”

The opposition had a clearer view of which playing field got leveled...“The consequences of passing this resolution are clear: broadband providers like AT&T, Comcast, and others will be able to sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission,” said Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA) on the House floor this afternoon.

“And no one will be able to protect you, not even the Federal Trade Commission that our friends on the other side of the aisle keep talking about.”

So. Let’s break this down in a way that should alarm the Holyfreakinshirt out of you.

1. Any company who operates an Internet Service of ANY kind, will be able to gather and use at their discretion, included but not limited to, selling, re-targeting, labeling, and designating for the purpose of placing users into strategic target groups, ANY data that goes across a telecommunications device.

Read that again. Then look at your cell phone…your TVs…your computers…pads…smart devices…and anything that has a blue-tooth connection or is connected to a network (cars, home security, credit card readers, appliances, electrical grids, power companies, water and electric systems, satellite transceivers, etc.) and know that it is ALL on the same internet grid. ALL of it.

2. EVERY device I just mentioned, is not only hackable, but is already likely being monitored by hackers from our own government, as well as those who use the Internet as an intelligence gathering tool, and use the information gathered/accessed to hack into networks, banking, and communications. EVERY DAY…

3. News…and the control of how news is disseminated it the most valuable weapon that the disposal of foreign military/political enemies, because the average user is easily influenced by what they see in social media and national media feeds.  Add to this the “Feeding Frenzy” that traditional news sources employ when hacked information, or salacious headlines break “from protected sources,” that fuel the spread of mis-information across the “Fake News” networks.

FAKE NEWS is REAL…and is dangerous…and is now going to be even more unregulated, because those in power want it to be.  Period.

Don’t take my word for it. Scott Pelley found himself face to face with one of the worst of the worst during a featured “60 Minutes” piece this week.  Watch it. It is chilling…or should be. This guy is at the end…and is batshit crazy…with a huge audience of equally batshit-crazies.

This is the face of true evil…and his job just got easier.

When the Federal Government hands the keys to communications companies that have proven time and again to place profits over the security of their users. “We the Users” are in deep, deep trouble.

So…what does this have to do with Trump and Russian Hacking?


Not only is our current communications infrastructure rediculously ill-equipped to fend off dedicated, ongoing intrusions from an ever-widening host of enemies and info-trolls, but the companies who COULD keep us safe, are more interested in wholesaling our information to marketers, political action groups, and anyone who is willing to pay.

If you think that Trolls and Hackers had nothing to do with the Trump election…read this story in WIRED. Yes…the Deploraball is fact...and the hackers are real…and are about as “apolitical” and “don’t give a shit about our country” as any disenfranchised group of dangerously weaponized militia in any sector.

And these morons…with the assistance of the Trump Campaign, were unwitting (or  half-witted) tools in spreading all of the FAKE news that came out of Russia during the election, with the full support of “the candidate” AKA…our CURRENT President.

I don’t expect you to grasp all of this…but trust me, this is big. HUGE as the Commander in Tweet would say.

The connections to Russia are deep, and will be revealed.  I have complete faith in that fact.

However…while we had our attention diverted, REAL Long-Lasting Damage has been done by this roll-back.

I will be doing followups to hone in on the details.

But, in the meantime… THESE GUYS NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. Call..write…tweet…and let them know you want ALL of the answers. Perhaps it will actually convince them that MORE security regulations are needed when it comes to telecommunications. Not less…

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  1. smegling says:

    Just watched an interesting story on NBC about Flynn… can you throw any more light on the matter?

  2. Stuart says:

    Sorry, this is a late comment but my two cents might be worth a look. I worry about the same things, particularly the rise in popularity of the right. Here is Aus it’s the same; wages stagnate, living expenses rise and people look for someone to blame. For decades white Australia blamed Asia then it became the source of our wealth and kept the GFC at Bay, instead, like the US and Europe we now blame Islam. In a way it’s how we deflect the blame from ourselves. But here’s the thing, even with these right-wing ideals being flogged by our media (Murdoch) and half our politicians, the right still struggles to be as loud as it wants. At the moment the left leaning parties are enjoying a bit of a Renaissance. Why? Compulsory voting, on election day you vote or you are fined. What does this do? It means even the laziest Australian has to get up and have their say. I think it means we have voters other than older, white, middle class types making up a majority. This helps the center left vote, the more relaxed individuals who believe in a fair go. I know this won’t work in the USA where free speech means not having to have your say. It does let them get away with things though, doesn’t it?

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