So. No Surprises Here. The System is Rigged…and Broken.


I really didn’t expect that we would get “more truth” than we could handle as it pertains to our current form of the “Democratic Election Process.” And, even though I am old, and cranky, and jaded, I never expected it to come from the good folks at “WIKILeaks” who also brought us so much information on NSA spying and the mind-blowing revelation that nobody is safe from hackers (certainly not a home-cooked, poorly installed, personal server, Hillary).

But, here we are…facing the grim reality that what we have suspected after watching the primary elections, was not only true…but far worse than even the most conspiracy-minded, anti-mainstream, advocate of change could have imagined.

Like it or not (and trust me, I don’t), the recent plethora of leaked DNC emails has revealed a system that was beyond “rigged,” but has also revealed the exact kind of “insider favor currying” that has taken our political system to the brink of implosion, while making the phrase, “We the People” a sham.

There is much to write about here. And I will in good time, once I parse some of the information that is flying off of the news servers. But suffice it to say, Bernie, or for that matter, anyone but Hillary, never had a chance at getting the Democratic Party Nomination. It wasn’t going to happen. Period.

The corruption in the process is too widespread, too papered with huge corporate donor influence, and as we know now, ladened with “quid-pro-quo” offers of special appointments, to ever remotely be resolved by something so simple as “one person, one vote, winner takes all” elections and caucuses.

Don’t get me started on “Super Delegates.”  This mess makes the “we have superdelegates to protect the electorate from themselves” argument look like child’s play.

Sorry…but anyone who is supporting Hillary as “the most qualified and experienced” at this point is part of the problem.  Yep. She is experienced all right…and “playing the game” the same way that the Russians competed in the last Olympics…with a system “doped up” and rigged to the point that it can’t pass even the lowest standards of fair play.

We. Are. Screwed.

We either elect a corrupt insider who has paved the way to the White House with billions (that is not a typo) in corporate special interest investors, supported by a Party leadership that is so full of hubris and entitlement that it had no issue manipulating the election process…or we elect a guy who clearly has taken his game plan from a long history of psychopathic dictators, possessing not even the most basic grip on statesmanship, in a world that is set to come apart at the seams.

The worst part about all of this…is that it points out so very clearly, just how long Bill and Hillary have been positioning and “promising” to reach redemption once again. Because, make no mistake here…it is all about redemption for both of them. Bill for having his nutsack squashed by the Gingrich/Neocon crowd after getting caught with Monica, and Hillary for having to endure the same period of time with smile on her face, and then losing out on her “destiny” to guy who made his own history in 2008.

How desperate is the “It’s OUR TIME!!” segment of the this regime to win?  How about blaming this debacle on the Russians…instead of where it really belongs?

Man. Pathetic.

I want nothing to do with this election. I cannot in good conscience vote for either of these iconoclastic, destructive assclowns.

It’s time for the American People to demand control of our political system once again…by demanding two things…


Much more on that later.

If there was  a way to outlaw the two-party system…I would vote for that as well. But, removing the power (money) from the system will do the same thing…slowly, but surely strangling the beasts that have mutated into a hideous plague on our country.

Money and Politics can no longer be allowed to subvert our Constitutional Right to “free elections.”

Oh. Wait. That’s what most of our recent wars in other countries are about…right? So, we are holding third world nations to standards that we won’t meet ourselves? Nice. How very ambiguous of the “leaders of the free world.”

Pardon me. I need to take another batch of antacids and put a little whiskey in my morning coffee.

I’ll say it again.

We. Are. Screwed.

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4 Responses to So. No Surprises Here. The System is Rigged…and Broken.

  1. Steve Evans says:

    How the hell Do you think it has been down from Adams to Fillmore to present day. The money and power brokers position themselves for decades to keep their access to Government. Heck Trump was one of the worst giving money for what he wanted to go away. He’s right in that he knows how it’s done cause he’s done it. Guilty of corruption yes. What you have here is DNC insiders doing what they think is best for the Candidate of their choice. No Votes were cast in those rooms and Look what Bernie Accomplished. Should we blow up the world so that we can show them a thing or two? I don’t think so and a vote for Trump is a Vote for Blowing up the world I am convinced of it. Bernie is a saner voice in the room than others on this and I would hope that we listen to him. He is the energy behind the change that I would embrace. Rose colored glasses yes but at least mine won’t have mushroom cloud reflections in them.

    • You are preaching to the choir, Steve. But, it is clear that Bernie didn’t have a chance, even when he was winning.

      However…the REAL ISSUE…that of big money in elections, came ironically (or not) during the deregulation of campaign finance during Clinton’s second term. Go figure.

      Oh. and if you mean “blow up the world” to mean “blow up the rigged system that is the two-party system as we have it today?” Then…yes. It is outdated, corrupt, and dangerous.

  2. Kirk Justus says:

    I agree completely with everything you wrote here and in your previous post on the state of the system. I am comforted to know that others are struggling with it.

    I do not support Donald Trump. He us aggressive, thoughtless, misogynistic, and prejudice, demagogue…and general all-around Asshat. Who campaigns through fear, spin, and tearing down others, rather than putting forth concrete ideas.

    I do not support Hillary Clinton. I suspect that President Bill Clinton expects to an unofficial co-president rather than the First-Gentleman. And yes, i am still stuck on the email server. I see (or have neatly arranged in my mind) limited explanations.

    1. She knew it was wrong and did it any way–not trustworthy, and not worthy of holding office.
    2. She did not know it was wrong, only that it was too hard to manage a personal and business email account — not capable of holding office where there will be more complex things to deal with and should be requesting a refund of tuition for her law degree.

    IT is amusing to watch Republicans and Democrats try to reduce the the cognitive dissonance between their nominee and reality. People who months ago said Trump was wrong are now justifying why he is was the best choice all long. The same with Clinton.

    I believe we are well past when we should have elected a woman as president…Hillary Clinton is the wrong woman. I also believe we are well past when we should have elected a business person…Donald Trump is the wrong business person.

    Borrowing from Conservative author P.J. O’Rourke, about why he is voting for Hillary Clinton…”It’s the second-worst thing that can happen to this country, but she’s way behind in second place. She’s wrong about absolutely everything, but she’s wrong within normal parameters.”

    Short of a coup at the DNC this week, we are set to have to choose between to unacceptable options. Yes, Gary Johnson is an option. I like the idea to elect a 3rd party candidate. They will not get much done against the other two parties in congress, but perhaps that will give us–We The People–time to start fixing the system.

    Gloom, despair and agony on me,
    Deep dar depression, excessive misery,
    it it weren’t for bad luck, i’d have no luck at all
    gloom, despair, and agony on me.

    • I loved PJ when he was on staff at National Lampoon. Not always a fan of his conservative stuff, but your quote was something in which I do agree. “Borrowing from Conservative author P.J. O’Rourke, about why he is voting for Hillary Clinton…”It’s the second-worst thing that can happen to this country, but she’s way behind in second place. She’s wrong about absolutely everything, but she’s wrong within normal parameters.”

      I’ll write more today. Michelle and Bernie’s speeches last night cinched it for me.

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