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One Nation…Indivisible?

Let’s start with the reaffirmation that I am old, jaded, and have worked too long within the political system to feel much enthusiasm for the current state of politics. But, my 9.600 mile, “Rediscovering America” cross-country tour has reminded me … Continue reading

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Schooled By a Mom and a Grandpa…

OK. As most of you know, I can “fly off of the handle” when my “Rhetoric BS Bucket” is filled to overflowing. The news of the DNC and their clear, unadulterated, manipulation of the primaries set me off. Big time. … Continue reading

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So. No Surprises Here. The System is Rigged…and Broken.

I really didn’t expect that we would get “more truth” than we could handle as it pertains to our current form of the “Democratic Election Process.” And, even though I am old, and cranky, and jaded, I never expected it … Continue reading

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5th of July Hangover…and On To Something That Matters

Ah…it is the 5th of July, which means for the vast majority of Americans,  it’s “back to business as usual.” And while it’s true that I am on Day 14 of a 29-day “Rediscovering America” cross-country driving trip, I never … Continue reading

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