5th of July Hangover…and On To Something That Matters


Ah…it is the 5th of July, which means for the vast majority of Americans,  it’s “back to business as usual.” And while it’s true that I am on Day 14 of a 29-day “Rediscovering America” cross-country driving trip, I never really get any “time off,” so to speak.  I continue to work remotely whenever/wherever I can find a WIFI connection, which in this case, was pretty easy…as we are “camped out” at Ryan and Katie’s place for another day in Scotch Plains, NJ.

We had a really “chillaxed” 4th of July, and broke tradition by NOT going to see a fireworks display…as a torrential downpour hit at around 9PM.  So we instead, started a new tradition of watching a creepy “End of the World” thriller (another from JJ Abrams…who seems obsessed with the topic), having a “Rita’s Custard” and settling in for some leftovers from a very traditional, wonderful 4th of July mid-afternoon feast.

We truly are blessed. Because, as it turns out, even Donald and Hillary took the day off. I didn’t get a single fundraising email from either one of them yesterday (unlike Father’s Day).  I AM signed up to receive email updates from both of them, as well as the random, “we can still change the world” messages from Bernie’s campaign.  I have reached the point where the insane campaign spending has really started to get to me.

Especially in light of the fact that we are actually working to raise funds for SOMETHING THAT MATTERS.

Back in January, it was estimated that the overall spending on the Presidential Primary and actual Election Race would come to a record $5 Billionhttp://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/230318-the-5-billion-campaign

Turns out…that was short. It is now projected to reach more than $6 Billion. But, hey…what’s a Billion Dollars…right?

I mean…it’s no big deal that they are going to spend what is the equivalent of 1/5 the ENTIRE GDP of UGANDA for a bunch of smear ads that won’t do squat to actually decide the election…right?

Why do I mention Uganda? Because, we are working to actually DO something that matters…

We are at the start of our biggest project ever in regards to supporting the school, teachers, and students in our adopted village of Buyijja.  AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

To Make This More Palatable for the average Westerners, who have now become accustomed to the kind of Political rhetoric and hyperbole that has been inundating the airwaves, social media, and push-email messages, I will put this in terms that will “call you to action,” and help you to consider donating “as little as $27” (I stole that one from Bernie) to help CHANGE THE WORLD.

Here we go…


Hello Concerned American/Western Culture Citizen!

It is more important than ever to stem the tide of terror that is coming from the (choose one)

  1. Middle East
  2. Congress
  3. Hillary/Donald
  4. The Old Guy
  5. Fox News/Liberal Press
  6. Faceless Illegal Aliens

who are working to destroy our country and way of life as we know it!

Our opponents are working as we speak to raise funds to be able to say they have more money and supporters than we do, and we can’t “win” this competition without YOUR DONATION!!

We know that if we fabricate some sort of important urgent issue, we can motivate you to react out of fear, to help fill our coffers…and pad our travel/staff/advertising budgets, so that we can raise MORE money in the future.

ACT NOW!!!!!  Before it’s too late!!! Or our future will be lost to the (choose one).

  1. Terrorists
  2. Global Warming
  3. Gun Nuts/People who want to take our Guns Away
  4. Conservatives/Liberals
  5. Hillary/Donald
  6. The Old Guy



Ok, so maybe that was a scare tactic…and the link actually took you to something that CAN change the world in a small, measurable way.

Our work in Buyijja is one of those projects that isn’t just a huge, bottomless pit, where money goes to die, spent on a media budget of abject nastiness.

Every dollar you donate, goes to help the teachers and the Buyijja school change lives…which could ultimately end up changing the world.

I know that sounds like more hyperbole, but the fact is, we are doing something that directly alters the course of the lives in that region, which ultimately may make the world a better, safer place.

My reasoning is simple.

If we give gifts of education and hope to children who have seen nothing but conditional “gifts” and a view of Western Culture that is dressed in a military uniform, or painted in the colors of what they see from Hollywood, we might just make them far less prone to being targets of terrorist recruiters, or committing acts of desperation due to the conditions of unmitigated poverty.

And, you simply can never know who may come from this village, to continue changing the lives of others in their region. It is a message and process that lives on hope.

Take the time to read more about our mission. Then Donate to help.

We are going to get a President out of these two…like it or not.

Do something that will actually make you feel good. Every dollar makes a difference.

In Peace, Hope and Love,

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