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Gender Identification Gets Murky When You Wipe…

I’m going to go waaaaaay out on a limb here, knowing that I am going to get into deep trouble with a ton of “woke” folks who have risen up to defend the new labeling of “Mister and Missus Potato … Continue reading

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Screaming Into the Echo Chamber

As “normal” begins to return to the country (remember normal?), I realize that I am slowing but surely finding a way back from the Trump PTSD way of life that used to start with checking my news/social media/talking heads every … Continue reading

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Let’s See…Where Are We Now?

So yes…let’s start with the obvious. I haven’t written a serious piece about anything since last January. I posted a handful of “funny” videos about dealing with Covid, until it became clear that there was nothing funny about it any … Continue reading

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CrankyOldGuy Offers You a DIY Social Distance Tool!

Well…It  looks like we might be in for a ton more “Social Distancing” no matter what our “Commander in Tweet” hopes will happen.  I get it. But, people are already starting to miss the point…especially the hordes of shoppers stampeding … Continue reading

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