This is nuts…

So…yes…now the NUMBERS HAVE CHANGED…and they don’t look great.

If we all “do a good job” it will only be 100K Dead. That’s 100,000…for those who don’t understand abbreviations.  And it seems that in some states (I’m talking to YOU Texas!) they think that Old People should sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause.


Follow CrankyOldGuy as he ventures in to the world of Senior TP Shopping at Walmart…and perhaps uncovers the Greatest Covid Conspiracy of ALL TIME.

The plot by Government to Wipe Out Old People!

I wish the REAL News was actually less insane that the video I produced…

Read On…

Almost all of this really happened. In truth…the kid at Walmart was very, very, very helpful. But didn’t want to go on the record. So…for this…he is just “The Crowd Control Kid At Walmart.”

STAY SAFE you Boomers!  Don’t give up your tee times!




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