12 Days of Claymation Christmas Celebration Countdown – Joy!


It was the song that changed the whole direction of the video, and propelled it from “home video release” to National Network Special. I played all of the instruments, except for the blistering sax solo by NW jazz great Warren Rand (recorded live in my laundry room with mic cables running down the hall). The voice is the amazingly smooth and soulful Ron Tinsley, one of the best singers I have ever had the pleasure to have worked with. Ron sings lead, as well as the bass part. I fill in the middle and high parts. The original demo has a blues harp part where Warren’s sax part now resides… Warren’s part won hands down.

The album version is the full-length version that allows the natural ending of the song to work. I created the original tracks in the small recording studio I used for my ad agency work, on an 8 track recorder. These tracks were bumped later to 16 track- then 24 track for the final mixes, but most of the original demo is actually part of the final product. I play and sing everything except the amazing sax solo by Warren Rand, and of course the lead (and bass) vocal be the equally amazing Ron Tinsley. I really enjoy the mixing of styles on this one…from African/Latin beats to blues… it kind of captures the amazing range of popular music of that era.

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