Six States That Matter and Why Iowa and Hillary Don’t

It is easy to get excited about the prospects of Trump being removed from office through the impeachment trial before we have to deal with him in the general election.

Wishing doesn’t make it real.

It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.

But, this week, the big news in the Democratic primary race, is that “she who won’t just go away,” is out stirring up more trouble; specifically for Bernie.  And frankly, trouble for Bernie, is trouble for the entire field.  She is giving more ammo to the circular firing squad, when we should all be taking aim at Trump.

To call Hillary a “sore loser” would be doing a disservice to every playground whiner in the world. She is cut of the same cloth as Trump. Vindictive, obsessed, and unrelenting in her ability to twist facts to make it look like she is the victim.

However, this post is actually not about her specifically (except the results of her hubris in 2016). It is about what we need to watch, and the states we need to win, to finally be done with Trump.
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And Then There Was One? Already???

Holyfreakinshirt!  What a couple of weeks.

Nobody saw the events coming, except those in the middle of the fustercluck that is forming around the 2020 elections, impeachment, and the winnowing of the candidates.

And, yes…I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say it. I think we have our candidate. But, not for any of the reasons that I would have suspected.

Impeachment or no impeachment, Trump getting re-elected is all but over. Except it isn’t…not by a long shot.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  But, when it comes down to the cream rising to the top of the 2020 hopefuls, the list is really, really, really thin. And no matter what the polls say…or the fundraising tallies tell us…there is one clear winner here. And, it may just be the American people.

Let’s recap…and prognosticate. 
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2 Pats in a Pod- Patric Shares a Mic with Patrick

At my age, there are few things in life that surprise me anymore.  However, every once in a while, you have an experience that is unique, fun, and completely gratifying.  This week, I had one of those experiences, by being a guest on the STR Podcast.

STR stands for “Spent the Rent,” and just the name should give you an idea of how interesting, funny, and self-deprecating Patrick Stutz (aka SelfEsteem Boat Willie) can be.

The STR Podcast is absolutely my favorite local podcast, because it is so very, very local. Like Eugene, Patrick welcomes a huge range of guests, from political figures, social advocates, musicians, and even the occasional college professor.  And the super “insider secret” (that’s not a secret any longer) is that it was suppose to be me and him…”Two Pats In a Pod,” out of an idea hatched in the barber chair.

Yes. Patrick is also my barber.  And that what makes his podcast so amazing. It’s like sitting in the barbershop, mixing it up with whoever walks in, but without the fear of getting nicked, if things get too heated.  And, our conversation got heated…
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The Enemy Is the DNC, The Media, and the Process – Debate and Poll Mayhem

Yes. I endured watching last night’s debate. And of course, my takeaway is far different than what is being portrayed in the Media from almost all sources.

The desperation for relevance, by almost all of the “front-runners” and a handful of those who don’t have a chance in hell, but won’t give up, was clear by the plethora of emails I got, before, DURING and after the debate.  During?  Yep…no more than three “how am I doing, please donate!” emails while the debate was going on. Take away their phones?

The whole process is pathetic, demeaning, and may very well be helping Trump get re-elected.

Who’s to blame?  The media for hyping the differences (there are very few differences between the front-runners), the Polls (which are determining who is “in the lead and who is catching up) 4 months before the first primary or caucus, and the DNC, who is pushing this mess on the candidates, with all sorts of false benchmarks put in place, including the need to fund-raise…relentlessly.

Brad Parscale has to be loving this…and may be part of the mayhem that is being spread across social media.

Let’s break this down into something that makes sense…and also offers up a real chance to win in November (as in a Year from now!).
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He’s Back! Election Mayhem and the Need to Do More!

It’s really unbelievable, that we find ourselves in the same kind of “Party Turmoil” that lost us the election in 2016.  At that time, during our huge 9,600 mile cross country trip, my wife and I could see the writing on the lawns…or more specifically, the lack thereof, in most of the swing states in our country.

To recap…Hillary either barely won, or lost big to Bernie in several of the swing states…and then decided she “had this in the bag,” and didn’t bother campaigning there in the final weeks before the general election. Not a “Hillary 2016” lawn sign was to be seen in places like Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  This opened up the door to the genius (and I don’t use that term loosely) of Brad Parscale’s digital onslaught of Facebook and Social Media manipulation (with a small boost from the Russians), to sway those sitting on the fence, after watching the DNC steal the convention from Bernie.

What’s Changed?
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12 Days of Claymation Christmas Countdown – Good King Swing

This song was one of my favorites.  I was  after the kind of vibe that Michael Jackson and others were doing as electronic dance grooves and soul around the day. So fun…

You can find more about this cut at


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12 Days of Claymation Christmas Celebration Countdown – Joy!


It was the song that changed the whole direction of the video, and propelled it from “home video release” to National Network Special. I played all of the instruments, except for the blistering sax solo by NW jazz great Warren Rand (recorded live in my laundry room with mic cables running down the hall). The voice is the amazingly smooth and soulful Ron Tinsley, one of the best singers I have ever had the pleasure to have worked with. Ron sings lead, as well as the bass part. I fill in the middle and high parts. The original demo has a blues harp part where Warren’s sax part now resides… Warren’s part won hands down.

The album version is the full-length version that allows the natural ending of the song to work. I created the original tracks in the small recording studio I used for my ad agency work, on an 8 track recorder. These tracks were bumped later to 16 track- then 24 track for the final mixes, but most of the original demo is actually part of the final product. I play and sing everything except the amazing sax solo by Warren Rand, and of course the lead (and bass) vocal be the equally amazing Ron Tinsley. I really enjoy the mixing of styles on this one…from African/Latin beats to blues… it kind of captures the amazing range of popular music of that era.

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