Tucker Carlson- The Most Dangerous Man In America?

It is a pretty well accepted fact, that the damage that Trump did by spreading, or ignoring mis-information about wearing masks, and getting vaccinated has likely cost hundreds of thousands of American lives.  His reaction, or inaction to the pandemic was criminal.

But we have a new face who is the likely claimant of the title, “Most Dangerous Assclown in America.”  He is the face, and “only lying when his mouth is open,” prime time Fox host, Tucker Carlson.

I am appalled at how many people I know who actually watch this miscreant religiously. For my money, he long ago passed up Sean Hannity as the worst of the worst on “Faux News.”  But this time, his ridiculous, insane, and “only for ratings” rant about wearing masks, may well make him culpable as yet another “Covid Murderer,” simply because so many Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask morons are looking for excuses to not do neither.

His words should be the first piece of evidence to have him removed from the airwaves.
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Thanks To The Anti-Vax Morons…

OK. I’m going off of the rails here with a rant about any of you who are eligible for a vaccination, but have chosen to wait, or not be vaccinated.

You. Are. A. Moron.

Oregon is now approaching the worst numbers for new cases in the nation. And while I appreciate your choice to be stupid (that’s what being an American and Oregonian is all about), you are destroying any chance for a recovery in a State that relies on tourism, and normal unrestricted attendance at restaurants, sports, and recreation including countless activities that makes our state unique.

I have been patient. I have followed the rules. I wear my mask in public. I got vaccinated. But, I am a victim of your selfish, lazy, “entitled” behavior.  Numbers suck. Facts suck. And I am extremely pissed that we are once again facing a “kinda summer,” when we knew better.

As of today, we are facing “extreme risk” designations.  The result would be harmful in countless ways.  It’s your fault. And frankly, I am going to suggest some extreme measures.
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The Right Verdict…Wrong Question Answered?

Like a majority of Americans, I breathed a small sigh of relief with the conviction of  Darek Chauvin.  It was an extraordinary verdict, for a variety of reasons.  But, may in fact create more questions than answers.

The rarity of an officer being charged with the death of someone victimized by the use of extreme measures, is so rare, with the strength of laws “protecting officers” and by lobbying and pressure by police unions, that this could be called a “one in a million” event.  And when looking at the statistics over the past decade, that number may be closer to reality than one would imagine.

Justice was served. But, the real question may come down to how far police tactics have devolved, changing the ways officers respond, and perhaps changing the very nature of what police are called to do.

There is no question that Chauvin murdered George Floyd, brutally, and with malicious intent.  But, looking at the statistics over the past few years, how many other officers have done so, with absolutely no ramifications or fear of being charged for their actions?

Being a police officer is one of the most difficult jobs in America.  But, does that give them the right to use deadly force with impunity?
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Semi-Semi Retirement…It’s MY time now!

I have to admit it…this feels really different. After a year of dealing with lockdowns, too many deaths from friends and family, and just trying to get through it all, I am ready to try something different.


I have been working full time since I was 20 years old. I started my “adult working career” just weeks before my 21st birthday.  It was a case of being thrown into the deep end…in frigid cold waters…in a raging river of dramatic reality…and finding a way to survive.

God has a hell of a sense of humor.
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