We Have Met the Enemy…and He Is Us – Part I- The Numbers Behind the Numbers


On November 12th, just four days after she lost, Hillary made her first speech reference about the FBI’s role in her loss. In a New York Times article, she is quoted as saying, “There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Mrs. Clinton said, according to a donor who relayed the remarks. But, she added, “our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.”

Nope. Sorry, Hillary. If you want to talk about “damaging bad news that was leaked,” there was evidence for months, and just days before you were crowned…er…uhm…chosen as the Party’s nominee, about the DNC/HRC collusion to make sure Bernie Sanders was marginalized.  However…the part you ignored wasn’t in the back-room tactics, but the raw numbers that the primary elections revealed, before coming back to haunt you on November 8th.

One thing people have to know about me is that I am kind of a “stats freak.”  For decades as someone in marketing/advertising, it has been my job and my passion to not only be able to see trends in data, but to learn to follow my “gut instinct” when it comes to assumptions.  And for the most part, ironically because I work in broadcast media, I rarely if ever trust the general media to give me a straight answer when something is important.

The Media (of all flavors) has their own job to do; namely, to keep people targeted and coming back for more.  I’ll get into the media’s role in this election more in the next post (see? I’m planting the hook…) but, suffice it to say, that I have doubted the pollsters, the talking heads, and 24-hour news channels and their predictions of a Clinton win for months.

And as much as I know you are tired of hearing about it, many of my suspicions, hunches, and gut feelings (now there’s a string of scientific imperial methods for you) were formed on our 9,600 mile, cross country trip last summer.  With the exception of Florida, we drove through the very states that “stole the election” from Hillary, and interacted with loads of people there, never shying away from asking them about their political views.

However, when it comes to the results of this election, and some of the key numeric factors that created the outcome, the answer was in the numbers, MONTHS ahead of November 8th.

And, as I teased in the last post (see? I understand the bait/promo media game), there was a twist that my recent research revealed, that really made this election outcome a foregone conclusion.  But even more important, it makes an argument for revising the entire primary election process, including changes in the Electoral College and Primary Nomination process.

Fair Warning: This is a Long Post – If you suffer from attention deficit due to extended padular device and social media overuse, it may not be for you. But, these are complex problems that require more than simplistic finger pointing.  So, buckle in.

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We Have Met the Enemy…and He is Us- An Introduction to Change


There are times when I am not happy about being right. This is one of them.

But I am also shocked that people are surprised by the outcome.  Trump is a logical conclusion, with the outcome being projected by loads of factors, all of them outside the traditional “politics as usual” box. The signs weren’t just there lurking in the shadows, but were screaming loudly, almost daily, for years, until finally ratified by the voters (or at least those who showed up to vote).

This isn’t something that can be wrapped into one, nice, neat, package with a red bow. The reasons for us waking up to a Trump Presidency go back decades, and ironically, are partially the result of several self-inflicted wounds by Hillary’s husband (and no…not his sexual peccadilloes), as well as a voting public who has traded common sense and dignity for infotainment and general apathy.

We didn’t get here for any single reason, and solving the real problems of this country are going to take some dedicated, focused, hard work.  But, it starts with realizing where the real problems originated, and admitting our roles in allowing our country to be hijacked by assclowns.

Make no mistake about it, “We the Sheeple,” watched this happen over the course of decades. And to stand in the streets, baaaaahing and bleating in anger at the outcome, is disingenuous and immature.  This is tantamount to a drunk driver, who wrecked a car and destroyed property and lives, blaming the bartender for over serving you.  This is about apathy that runs so deep in the electorate that we have lost sight of what the real problems are, and how to begin fixing them.  This is about people who are finally waking up to the ramifications of standing on the sidelines, instead of getting into the game, or at least taking as much time to choose our leaders as the average fantasy football “team captain” takes to manage their team.

And, I will begin the finger-pointing with myself. Trust me, there is plenty of blame to go around, so why not start with me?
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A Final Rant Before Election Day…Integrity or Suicide?


I haven’t posted anything on this blog since August. There is a reason for this, and it doesn’t give me any pleasure to reveal it to you.  The fact is, I have renounced my greatest right as an American citizen, and allowed overwhelming fear to guide my daily battle to post, or simply shrug and walk away from the keyboard.

I am by nature, not a fearful person. In fact, most who know me would say that I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, and say what I want, without worrying about offending those who may disagree with me. But, the instant that the two party nominees were announced and crowned, I could feel an overwhelming, soul-crushing sense of dread begin to wash through me, that has built over the months, into a rushing torrent of self-hatred for my own lack of personal integrity. And it has finally come to this…a last, desperate attempt for absolution, for what I am about to do on Election Day.
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Looking Up Tonight Could Change Your Perspective on Life


My true love affair with the Perseids Meteor Shower was born in a meadow, just below the North Sister, along the Pacific Crest Trail. As some of my Parkrose friends remember, my Dad used to do “Summer Science” camps that ranged from basic trips to the coast, to extended 2-week hikes along the Pacific Coast Trail, starting in the Three Sisters Wilderness area, and hiking South over a 50-mile range.

The most memorable of these was in the summer after my freshman year in high school, which as most of you will confess, is one of the most self-centered times of a young person’s life. Several of my best friends joined more than 25 kids, along with Dad’s co-teacher, Ken Grunwald, on what was likely one of their first real experiences of “roughing it” in the wilderness, carrying everything we needed for two weeks of sustenance.

My memories of the first night of this trip changed me forever.

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One Nation…Indivisible?


Let’s start with the reaffirmation that I am old, jaded, and have worked too long within the political system to feel much enthusiasm for the current state of politics.

But, my 9.600 mile, “Rediscovering America” cross-country tour has reminded me about something I have often considered when going to a Duck Football Game at Autzen Stadium.

This may sound like a strange metaphor for how to look at the current climate of divisiveness in our country. But hear me out, no matter what colors you wear on “game day.”

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When You Feel Helpless to Make a Change…Do Something that Matters


If there has ever been a time to “do something that matters,” this is it.

Worldwide, we find ourselves immersed in a political climate that seems to thrive on the latest headlines of violence, terror, and geopolitical hacking. We have reached a point in our world culture where “bad news” sells ratings, newspapers, and political contributions, like a huckster outside of an old circus “side show tent.”  It’s easy to get discouraged, frustrated, confused, and just shut down.

I get no fewer than 15 emails a day from both major candidates, along with countless pleas from SuperPacs, asking for donations…to add to coffers that are already bursting with hundreds of millions of dollars, and projected to go into the billions. All of this, for “movements” that breed anger and a sense of helplessness to actually make change happen? I think not.

It’s time to do something that matters. It’s time to do something that actually makes a change in the lives of people forgotten by the “modern world” but who may grow up to be the leaders who shape the future, if given a chance.

Friends of Buyijja needs your support. We are stalled in our fundraising efforts to begin our biggest project ever…one that will fundamentally change the scope of our support at the Buyijja School in rural Uganda.

We have divided this large project into several small projects, the first of which being a teacher dormitory that will allow almost half of our staff to sleep somewhere other than a mattress, on a dirt floor, while “camping out” in the school storage building. It is a start…that with long-term focus will grow to become a building that is the heart of our vocational training.

Please donate what you can today. My goal is to get at least $4,000 in this first phase of the fund, so we can at least offer temporary solutions for our teachers.


Every dollar helps. Please do what you can today.

When it comes to “Changing the World,” we are going to do it one child at a time…in the kind of place that has been rendered irrelevant by today’s standards. But every life matters.  Ask the man who was the son of an African student…who became President of the United States.

In Peace, Love and Hope…

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Rediscovering America – Days 24-25…Balancing Our Delicate Past and Future


Leaving the gorgeous, artistic splendor that is Santa Fe, we headed into a region of New Mexico that has two of the most disparate creation histories of almost anyplace in the country.

While Santa Fe claims the world’s oldest home, the pueblos and cave dwellings at Bandelier National Monument go back to pre-1100.  Again…Donald and his ancestors are lucky that these folks didn’t build a wall when his people were immigrating from Europe. As I have heard said by native Texans and New Mexicans, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!” But, that’s another post…

It is a gorgeous place, with a fairly easy 2 mile loop that takes you back close to a thousand years.

From there, we went to the place that may have all but guaranteed that humanity may not make it another 1,000 years…the birthplace of the Atomic Bomb…Los Alamos.
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