Cranky’s Guide to Drinking During the Pandemic Panic

There is no doubt about it…the “Stay at Home Lockdown” has created a whole new breed of drinkers and “self medicators” in the need to take the edge off of the panic, and cut back on the boredom.

However, if you “over medicate” you are asking for another lifetime residual from this mess, that may in fact add to your long-term health issues. I get it. Watching the news can make anyone need a drink.

But, I’m Here to Offer Up My Tips for Safe Drinking During the Pandemic Panic
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The Real Virus Problem is Panic- REVISED…Dammit

PLEASE NOTE…I wrote this waaaaaaaaaay back on March 18th…when this thing felt a whole lot different…and the numbers were hardly beginning to percolate.  THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

However…there are still aspects to the math, and keeping a relatively positive attitude that apply.  But…only an IDIOT would ignore the changes over the past 2 weeks. And if Trump can FINALLY COME AROUND…then so can I.

My updated words and commentary in BOLD

It’s amazing to me, that in an age where the term “viral” often referred to the latest pic of some aging music star in a bikini who is “rocking it,” the term has now taken on the actual medical definition, but with the same horrible inspiration for over-reaction (or ignoring the warnings completely).

I’m just going to boldly state what should become obvious:
The REAL Virus Destroying Our Country is PANIC!!! (And whole mess of late to the game choices that are going to haunt us for generations).

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This is nuts…

So…yes…now the NUMBERS HAVE CHANGED…and they don’t look great.

If we all “do a good job” it will only be 100K Dead. That’s 100,000…for those who don’t understand abbreviations.  And it seems that in some states (I’m talking to YOU Texas!) they think that Old People should sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause.


Follow CrankyOldGuy as he ventures in to the world of Senior TP Shopping at Walmart…and perhaps uncovers the Greatest Covid Conspiracy of ALL TIME.

The plot by Government to Wipe Out Old People!

I wish the REAL News was actually less insane that the video I produced…

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My Solution to the Toilet Paper Shortage

Once again… I am faced with finding REAL SOLUTIONS to evolving problems being created by this pandemic panic.  It seems that so many have lost any sense of perspective, mostly due to any REAL SOLUTIONS for the challenges of “trying to keep it normal.”

So…I am on it.

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