Screaming Into the Echo Chamber

As “normal” begins to return to the country (remember normal?), I realize that I am slowing but surely finding a way back from the Trump PTSD way of life that used to start with checking my news/social media/talking heads every morning upon waking.

It is a relief…and weirdly stressful.

We have all been programmed for so long to expect another boot to drop (although Trump likely was barefoot as he did his daily tweet-strafing run from the bathroom), that weeks of nothing is…well…stressful in its own way. 

And the fact is, we have all been screaming into the echo chamber for so long, that we almost feel weird checking in with our fellow “Dump Trumpers” and talking about anything other removing him from office. 

But, weirdly…the echo chamber may have grown louder…and could land you in Twitter Jail!
I belong(ed) to several political action(ist) FB groups of all flavors.  Some really angry women (I think they let me in because of the weird spelling of my first name), a couple of Republican groups who abhorred what Trump did to the “grand old party,” (they never asked my party affiliation), and one group specifically about following what was going on with the SDNY. Guess which one I still check into?

For me, just screaming about Trump (long after the election, with real adults taking office, and actually governing, instead of just trying to point finger, spread conspiracy theories, and stir up trouble) has lost its luster. 

The fact is, I’m just tired of being pissed off all of the time. 

The good news is, by all accounts, our former Commander in Tweet is floundering…without purpose…without direction (especially after getting his wings clipped permanently by Twitter).   His weird, slimy kids have stopped being relevant, even as a surrogate twitter relay box by Donny Jr. sputters out hilariously silly garbage, through stoned eyes (he really needs a set/wardrobe/makeup guy).

But, I admit to still being more than a tad freaked out that we have stopped hearing from Stephen Miller, Bannon, Stone and the rest of the folks for the list of the “worst of the worst.” Silence from these guys should make you nervous. 

Look, I know that with the latest headlines about the shooting of Asians, continued militarization of intimidating local and region militias, the insanity of a slow roll-out of vaccines to anti-vaxers, should be laid directly at Trump’s feet.  I get it. It’s easy, and justified to do so. 

But, let’s just get this out of our system. Donald. J. Trump, has/is/forever shall be, a horrible, disgusting, sociopathic, waste of human flesh. 

But saying it over, and over, and over again, just makes YOU feel bad. 

He isn’t going to change. Ever.  Some of his toady lackeys may flip back to sanity, like flotsam in the winds of the latest polling numbers. Graham, Cruz, et al will continue to be indignant when things are revealed about Trump that can’t be ignored, and then will conveniently forget them, the next time they are standing in front of a bunch of strapped-up, MAGA hat wearing,  knuckle-draggers.

But, let’s be honest. Career politicians don’t hang out with people like that. Too risky. 

And yes…the rise of QAnon Whackjobs who have been elected to national, regional and local government are also a direct result of Trump’s need to gather as many extremists in the last election as he could.  But, again…it’s over. He lost. 

There is a great deal to do if we are going to move forward, to rid ourselves of conspiracy theory-driven politics, decades long rigid party-line voting in Congress, and actual programs that can get us out of the morass of doom we find ourselves in, as we do our best to recover from months of isolation from “real people contact.” 

Tweeting Daily to Trump, screaming at the TV, and  trying to figure out how he got Covid in November, but still felt it necessary to get the shots in January, even thought the science made him a “super immunity carrier,” is puzzling. Did he actually have Covid the first time?  Was it just a “Donny Lite” version?  The echo chamber wants to know! 

But, that’s exactly the point. We can’t move forward if we spend all of our time looking back, trying to affix blame to everything Trump did to us.

He may not only go down in history as the worst President ever, but one of the top ten worst humans in the modern era. And that’s saying a lot with all of the mass murderers out there since the advent of Assault Rifles.  But, then again…even the worst mass killers don’t reach more than a hundred victims or so (Stalin, Hitler, PolPot and perhaps Putin, being the exception). Trump and his lying may be responsible for the deaths of TENS of THOUSANDS, because of his need to be liked, even by the lowest, crack-brained, conspiracy-theory-babbling anti-vaxer, mouth-breathing miscreants. 

But, we know this.  It’s time to stop screaming, “YEAH!!!” and “HE SUCKS!!” into the echo chamber. Because it seems to actually come back LOUDER than when you shouted it. This echo chamber just explodes with vitriolic energy.  And again…it hurts you, far more than it hurts Donny. 

OK. Yes. I admit it. I am having a hard time stopping, now that DJTJ has taken over the tweeting.  Because DJTJ is an asshole…all of Dad’s worst characteristics, without a smidgen of charm.  

Like a tweet this week of an edited video that shows Donny hitting a drive (could be almost any day since before or after he left office), and hitting Joe Biden, knocking him off of the stairs on AirForce One. 

And as I have a Twitter account, that I never use…I thought, “What the Hell? Let’s let DJTJ know what I really think of him! 

I know he doesn’t read this stuff…so I ramped it up a bit…AND LANDED IN TWITTER JAIL! 

So apparently…you can call someone a piece of shit, but they draw the line at telling them to EAT shit…and die.  Maybe it was the “die” part. Probably just a bot that searches for words like “die” and “eat shit.”  

Of course…fair is fair.  I realized that yes…restrictions cut both ways. And yes…that’s a good thing. 

So…I’m done with the echo chamber. No more “pep rallies” for me. I just want to ignore them all.  

And, I have a theory… Trump is the Quantum President.  Just like a Quantum Particle, there is a good chance that if he “isn’t observed,” he might just not exist any longer.  The less attention he and his inbred monkey circus gets, the less relevant they are. 

And besides…it didn’t really feel good to tell DJTJ to “Eat Shit and Die.” I’m sure he this almost daily from his MAGABABE, Kimberly Guilfoyle.  But, I’ll have to wait 12 more hours to tell her what I think of her. 


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  1. mlrasmus says:

    I’ve heard my share of blue language with March Madness playing in the background here recently. So, Patric, we’re coming up on Iowa Hawkeyes (YAY! WOOT WOOT!) vs. the Oregon Ducks (Quack). Any side bets, or does that violate Word Press agreements??

    And DJT’s 757 is parked at a small eastern airport with one engine wrapped in plastic and the other not functional. Does my heart good…..

    Peace from the east

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