A Final Rant Before Election Day…Integrity or Suicide?


I haven’t posted anything on this blog since August. There is a reason for this, and it doesn’t give me any pleasure to reveal it to you.  The fact is, I have renounced my greatest right as an American citizen, and allowed overwhelming fear to guide my daily battle to post, or simply shrug and walk away from the keyboard.

I am by nature, not a fearful person. In fact, most who know me would say that I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, and say what I want, without worrying about offending those who may disagree with me. But, the instant that the two party nominees were announced and crowned, I could feel an overwhelming, soul-crushing sense of dread begin to wash through me, that has built over the months, into a rushing torrent of self-hatred for my own lack of personal integrity. And it has finally come to this…a last, desperate attempt for absolution, for what I am about to do on Election Day.

What this election has done to the entire country, is to turn us all into one of two things, apologists, or bona fide, card-carrying morons.  The moron part is easy. They are the stanch, solid, “I’m with Her/Him” types who have chosen their candidates based completely upon party dictate, or the affirmation of their own racist, gynophobic/phalliphobic, religious, gun-nut, 1% control, biases.

Yes. I know that is a mouthful…and it actually does prove that it only takes one issue to create an irrational, yet virulently dangerous opinion. But, the number of hardcore “Our team or no team” voters from both parties create the “core” of any election.  And in the strangest twist of reality ever, I almost forgive them (if not completely ignore them) for being such rigid, immovable rock walls in their beliefs. There is comfort in knowing that for every one of the BIG FOUR ISSUES (Gun-rights, Abortion, Gay Marriage, and a rotating wild card of Immigration or Jobs Creation) which come to the top of the heap every four years to help divide the room quickly, there is a parity of vote-cancellation that makes the “middle ground” the last bastion of common sense.

The fact is, talking to anyone who has rigid opinion about the Big Four, is about as futile as convincing a Red Sox fan to root for the Yankees. Not going to happen. But, we ALL loved the World Series this year…right? So, there is hope for us yet.

It is the “Apologists” that have my soul twisted into knots this election cycle. It is those good, rational, intelligent people from both sides of the aisle (oh…how I wish the aisle didn’t exist), who have decided to throw their own sense of morality, common sense, and dignity into a virtual void, to actively support one or the other of the two remaining candidates, after an almost two-years-long election cycle, that offered far better choices for both parties.

I have become a shell of my former self, as I wither every time I hear a sentence start with, “Well, at least they aren’t…” the first sign that I am going to hear something horrible and weak, and stupid about the other candidate, while doing their best to ignore the disgusting reality of their own “candidate by deferment.”

The list for why NEITHER of these candidates is worthy is so long, and so well known, that to even begin one for either candidate, would fill pages. And frankly, if the polls are any indication, nobody wants to be reminded of the foibles, because it makes them feel bad about their choice.

But, in a short summary of why I am unable to support either of these horrendous assclowns, let’s hit just the high/low points.

Trump. What really needs to be said at this point? He is vile. He is a sociopath of the highest order, who represents the very worst of America at every level. He is a hypocrite in business, so consumed in his own hubris, that he has no problem breaking rules (yes…there will be further investigations into his Non-Profit Corp. business dealing and taxes), ignoring any sense of civility, and dodging his unbelievable record as a misogynistic pig, with a sense of self-entitlement that would make him one of the worst human beings to hold the office of President (and that says a lot when you look at our entire history).  He has proven that he lacks even a modicum of self-control, and has a social media habit that is both dangerous, as well as bordering on clinically habitual, which may require a 24-step program to overcome (12 steps would never be enough for the Donald).  He will do and say anything to get elected…and those who think he supports their views on the “Big 4” need to realize that everything to him is a “deal,” and deals are made to be broken or renegotiated. He is without guile. Never apologizes…and has no real sense of morality.  There is literally not one redeeming characteristic he exudes, which would ever make him anything more than what he is in real life…a BAD reality show character who believes his own “Trumped Up” script.

Hillary.  Her one, true, most damaging Achilles Heel, is her continued relationship with Bill Clinton. Period.  This fact is inescapable.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, that she and Bill have worked in concert together, after some horrendous “deal with the Devil” in 1996 (when she should have kicked this horrible human being to the curb and moved on with her own pride, record, and work ethic intact), to drive with unbridled determination to stand at this place in history.  What I will grant Hillary, is that she has a life-long record of service to America…something that cannot be said about Trump, or her husband.  During Bill’s biggest periods of failure, it was Hillary that kept the family, and the “business” together, while Bill wallowed in self-pity, or was forced to defend himself innumerable times for his inability to keep his “crooked Bill” in his pants. But, as we have witnessed, hubris and some broken sense of “we are insiders who secretly run the ship” have come to the surface of the DNC underworld, and Hillary’s ignorance or blatant rule breaking (either of which is unforgivable) has become her undoing. The list of reasons I hate Bill Clinton are well documented. But, most of them actually have nothing to do with his peccadillos, and everything he had to do with creating the horrible reality that our country finds itself in today.  Deregulation of Corporate Banking, Deregulation of  Broadcasting, Deregulation of Campaign Finance Laws, Abject Capitulation with the Gingrich/Bush/Cheney/Rummy Neocons, just to name a few, that have come together to create a world where the wheels are coming off, and greed is rampant. It is patently ironic to me that Hillary campaigns on a platform of social reform, when her husband was responsible for the very things that have handed the keys to the shop to the 1% while the middle and lower class has paid the price. “Clinton Inc.” is but a snowball on the iceberg that the Clintons hide beneath the murky surface that threatens to sink our standing and respect in the world.

So…where does that leave me on Tuesday?

I am going to start the long, difficult process of recapturing my self-respect as an American. I am going to cast a vote for the only person that could have, and yes, perhaps should have, been on the ballot this election.

No. Sorry, Bernie. It isn’t going to be you. I fought hard for you, and know in my heart of hearts, that you would have been a far better choice for President than Hillary…and would have made Donald squirm with exposure to someone who believes in the rule of law, and truly fights against everything the Donald represents. But, you gave up.  You buckled under the “DNC/Hillary” machine, even after untold facts were exposed, making clear that the primaries were indeed “rigged.”  Yes. Donald is correct about that.  From super-delegates, to unabated insider maneuvers by the DNC administration, to feeding debate questions, to campaign funding, the primary “win” for Hillary was in the bag, before it started. But, when this all came out, Bernie should have stepped away…and stopped making excuses and “Well at least she’s not” speeches. Bernie took me down with him. Watching him being cuckholded by the party and the HRC machine stepped on parts of my soul that left me feeling “less than” in the process.

No. I am going the way of a “Pre-2016” Cubs fan. I am going to vote for who would have been elected with almost no real opposition, had circumstances and his own dedication to family (and the HRC/DNC juggernaut) not got in the way. Joe Biden.

Like a Cubs fan who “kept hope alive” for more than 100 years, I want to believe in the America that COULD be…not the America that is. Biden, with all of his “loose cannon” sound bites, and humanistic, gut-wrenching honesty, would have made mincemeat out of an assclown like Donald. Had he actually run, Hillary would finally have gotten the message that her decisions in life DO have ramifications. Joe Biden has the experience, the record of service, and the humanism to make a great leader, when the world needs someone who is both tough, and compassionate…honest and yet able to use commons sense to reach across the aisles when needed.

Yes. I am “throwing away my vote.”  But, I am making a statement that will allow me to sleep at night, knowing that I have truly used my greatest right as an American, to express my truest beliefs.

If you are inclined to disagree with me… go ahead. I’ll shred you with facts.

But, most important, BECAUSE both parties have allowed two individuals, with the highest disapproval ratings in modern history, to actually be elected to the highest office in the world, it doesn’t really matter who is elected on Tuesday. BOTH parties are in deep, deep trouble when it comes to actually being able to govern.

Want a fact about how divisive and completely gridlocked and incapable our Congress is?  It took FIVE MONTHS to pass basic funding to help eradicate the Zika Virus.  FIVE MONTHS. How many people were infected during that time? How many babies were tragically altered before their birth during these 5 months? And now, you are going to have a President (whomever is elected) that is going to enter their 4 years (because neither is likely to last two terms), riddled with legitimate investigations and potential indictments?  HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!!

What was the American Electorate doing during this 5 month period? Arguing about which Presidential Candidate was worse. Sheesh.

I apologize to my daughters…who all want me to “do the right thing to keep Trump out.”  I apologize to my friends who remind me that my vote in 2000 helped put Bush into power (yes…I voted for Nader…on the complete hope that we could FINALLY get Federal Funding for a 3rd party…because I detest the two-party system).  And, I even apologize to Bernie, for not doing enough to get WIKILeaks to bring out the all of the damning evidence about the DNC/HRC machine when it mattered. (I say that last part in jest…because my Mom thinks I have that much power with the Interweb and Google).

But, I don’t apologize for casting my vote for a candidate who represents what I WISH the world could be.

Staying silent has almost killed me. But, my vote, and yes…even this post…is my first real attempt to start living again, knowing that a “post-election world” is going to take every bit of courage and fortitude I can muster.

I’m proud to be an American. I only wish we would have had a chance for a “Joe Biden Presidency.”

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I'm a very complex person...no...really I am. It may seem like I only golf, watch TV, and listen to Randy Newman, Tom Waits and Little Feat...but I am a deep, deep thinker...so deep that at times I just have to lay down. I love my family. I love my wife for putting up with me. I have held more jobs than a Pakastani immigrant...and have had three complete career cycles. 1. In my first life (rymes with first wife) I did almost every blue-collar job you can imagine...all with alarming ineptetude. 2. In my second cycle, I owned an ad agency, was an award winning music producer, and recording artist. And now, since the advent of the Internet... 3.I have been pretty much locked into providing services and marketing support to radio stations across 160 markets...while dablling with writing...continuing to write music...managing several blog sites, the country club web site, and being a grandpa...while working to pay for the weddings of my last three daughters. I will be working until I am 70...or 75...or 80. My advice to anyone who wants to emulate my life... DON"T!!!!! Stay in college. Have a good, long career in something with a decent retirement program and good benefits. You can't pay for your gallbladder operation with an Emmy Award. Really. I've asked.
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10 Responses to A Final Rant Before Election Day…Integrity or Suicide?

  1. Fred says:

    No matter who gets the election nobody wins. America will not be the same.

  2. rshelton452 says:

    Surprisingly I completely agree with you also! I voted for Bernie in the primary & still can’t decide what to do on Election Day. I am very tired of having to basically use my vote as ‘a vote against’ the other guy. I feel that I’ve had to do this WAY too many times in my life. JoeB was just on the Late Show the other night, & all I could think about was WHY didn’t you run Joe!

    I don’t know if I can justify doing a write-in; because it IS throwing away your vote. I just don’t know. At this point anything that might help keep Trump out of the picture may be justified. I can hardly believe an election has gotten this bad. It seems like I’ve said that SO many times about past elections, but wow, I ‘hadn’t seen anything yet’ – until this election. There’s so many truly legitimate reasons for not letting either of these two people into the White House. At least Hilary has some experience… I guess. But… It’s truly sad that it’s come down to this. RachelS

  3. darkdreamer6 says:

    It’s really good to hear from you again Pat and while I’m here I’d just like to say I hope you and your family are doing well…at least as well as you can be, considering what unfolds in 2 days time!

    Sat here on the other side of the pond, I admit both the hubby and I are getting more nervous and prone to periods of shouting at the news and nailbiting the closer the result gets, so I can only imagine what you guys are going through right now – if I was American I don’t think I’d have any hair left at all…or possibly even skin the way things have been going! We were both Bernie fans ourselves, but if we were American citizens we would probably be doing what many others no doubt are/will be – by voting Hillary, not by choice of course, but just to keep out what we consider the larger and fouler of the two evils. I swear if Trump gets in, never mind the U.S. – the whole world should begin digging to get to safety. I’m trying to get an apartment booked somewhere near the earth’s core but competition is fierce right now…I’ll let you know how I get on 😂

    Anyway, I’d just like to say I don’t blame your decision at all…kudos for refusing to bow to pressure and staying true to your values. It takes a great person to stand up for what they really believe in and I’m glad to know you are…if only everyone else could do the same and this whole train wreck could be turned on it’s head. Ok, wishful thinking I know, but hey…everyone has the right to dream, don’t they?! Seriously though, you need to do what feels right for you and it may be the most sensible idea out there. Follow your instincts and you know you’ll always be true to yourself 😊

    Wishing you all the best and waiting with baited breath to see what the outcome will be…


    • Thanks much! Sorry for the long delay. It’s been a crazy time.

      We’ll all survive, no matter what the outcome. But, I’ll have my integrity…which is about all you can hope for at my age.

      I’m back… Much more to say.

  4. wilsonthedog says:

    I wondered where you got to since TSTO.
    Completely agree and that’s a view from Australia.
    Down Under here, a lot are backing Hilary because they want to see a woman elected.
    But NOBODY likes Trump including our politicians (who would have to work with him should he get elected)!
    Cheers, Brett (WilsonTheDog)

  5. bryson621 says:

    How in GOD’s name did this great country get in such a mess? Complacency? Ego? We’ve all set back, not paying enough attention to what’s been going on for the last few decades. Hoping because our country is so prosperous we could just keep riding along and hoping next time it will be better. Now we’re in a real pickle. I’m very afraid for our millenniums and their future and the ones to come. I thought about throwing my vote away but decided to go for the lesser of two evils. I voted absentee earlier last week. I fear all American’s lives are going to change. Yes, the richest will continue to get richer but us poor smucks are in for a fight of our well being. I have to apply for Medicare in the next couple months and am scared to death. My health is bad, I live on a limited income and the last couple years have avoided as many medical needs I could just to stay afloat. Even with doing that, I have managed to become dept free. I own my home outright, no car payment ( although the car is 17 yrs old, but only has 37,000 miles on it) and I’m ahead on utilities.
    I was hoping my remaining years could be dept free, stress free and live as happy as I could. Now I’m not so sure. Who wants to worry the rest of their days afraid for the future of this country? I don’t have children but do have lots of nephews and nieces and great nephews and nieces and even a few great great ones. I worry for them.
    Who would have thought we could find ourselves in this mess and a laughing stock to many other countries. One thing Trump might get right ( in his mind is;) fewer people coming into our country illegally, who in the hell would want to be in this mess?
    Glad to see you post Cranky, I’ve missed your opinions on what’s going on in the world.

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