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For a guy my age, I am exceedingly “well-connected” when it comes to mobile/online/social media.  Yes…I have been at it since some early Greenhouse projects with AOL in the mid 1990s, but the number of ways that people can reach one another these days is redonkulous. Trust me…with 5 daughters and 4 grandkids, I know how many ways I can be reached…email, instant messaging, texting, phone, and an ever-growing list of social media…it’s nuts.

But, because I have to be “up on what the kids are doing” for both business and pleasure, I do it all…

Here are the BEST ways to reach me.

EMAIL FOR THIS SITE- (the 67 was my HS football number…not my age).

Other ways to reach out…


And the plethora of side projects and other stuff I do in “my spare time.” – the non-profit we started to help a rural school in Buyijja, Uganda…and save my soul from what I have written, and will be writing, on this blog. – My business site… (NTR originally stood for Non Traditional Revenue…a radio term- but has morphed into Non Traditional Retail to embrace ad/marketing clients). and http:www.shadowhillsextra.comMy Home Away From Home – my “WooWoo site, dedicated to explaining my thoughts and research on external consciousness after my NDE in the Mid 90s.– A link to the music of our old band, put up during our “reunion concert.” – A link to the Music and Story behind my work on the Emmy Award Winning CBS Animation Special, Claymation Christmas Celebration. California Raisins anyone?


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I'm a very complex I am. It may seem like I only golf, watch TV, and listen to Randy Newman, Tom Waits and Little Feat...but I am a deep, deep deep that at times I just have to lay down. I love my family. I love my wife for putting up with me. I have held more jobs than a Pakastani immigrant...and have had three complete career cycles. 1. In my first life (rymes with first wife) I did almost every blue-collar job you can imagine...all with alarming ineptetude. 2. In my second cycle, I owned an ad agency, was an award winning music producer, and recording artist. And now, since the advent of the Internet... 3.I have been pretty much locked into providing services and marketing support to radio stations across 160 markets...while dablling with writing...continuing to write music...managing several blog sites, the country club web site, and being a grandpa...while working to pay for the weddings of my last three daughters. I will be working until I am 70...or 75...or 80. My advice to anyone who wants to emulate my life... DON"T!!!!! Stay in college. Have a good, long career in something with a decent retirement program and good benefits. You can't pay for your gallbladder operation with an Emmy Award. Really. I've asked.
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